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  • RE: Apply to master/slave

    @101010 Hello binary person :)

    I wanted to answer here before already but had no time.
    Discord yes it is horrible.I can feel you in a way when people ask me "Are you on Facebook?"

    At the same time, when I look at what we had with IRC, unencrypted communication with a server owned by people we do not know.
    This forum. When you write here. Everything unencrypted (non https) including your password what every modern browser should tell you.

    Discord is better in this regard and at least they tell you in their Terms of Service that they do not sell your data.

    As this is an important topic for me: Putting this all aside, nevertheless you should think about what data you actually share. You could use Discord with a VPN. We talk about potential cheaters or griefers in the chat that is not public. You do not have to share private information there.

    Aber wir braten keine Extrawurst für dich.

    Means that we do not make an exception if you are not able to use our main communication platform.
    It is up to you to decide if you can accept that. If not, then it is a "no".


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  • RE: Apply to master/slave

    @Fotzty Better than you you reckon Prick!

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  • RE: Neutral treated unfairly

    @Neutral and everyone else...

    Just take a look at these logs. Moooooore than enough reason to ban this guy. I remember him always being like this and when my brain remembers it means something.

    Greetings and have a good time playing with fragginfucker!

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