• RE: INSTA TOURNAMENT!!! - 17TH of February.

    well i was like the average player. i played sauer for the first time in 2011 and most of the time i was playing public only. sometime duels with a specific player. I joined only 1 clan. So basically a typical sauer player. I was always thought that i will never be able to compete with all of those monsters, but i joined a clan and i started playing cw and mixes games. At the beggining it was rough. i am still far away for being a pro player but my skills have been improved since i was an average player. i am enjoying more the game and the tournaments. YES you are going to lose and YES there are monsters out there but it's not only about having a chance to win the tournament. it's about improving, playing with your mates and having fun in general. it doesn't matter if you lose, next time try better. Nothing will come without practise.

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