Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) Setup For Recording Sauerbraten

  • This is a guide for the Windows setup. I have only successfully used OBS on Windows.

    As you will see, I've recorded a lot of things in OBS. If you saw many of my YT videos before I took them down, most were recorded with OBS (the only one that's up that was recorded with OBS was the fun moments shit.)

    1. Have Sauer open while you do this! RIght click the Sources box, and select Add -> Game Capture0_1471104443519_obsguide1.png
    1. Make sure the Application selected is Cube 2: Sauerbraten. Because I already have a "Sauer," I just called it "Sauerr."0_1471104488940_obsguide2.png
    1. This is where I ran into problems and had to fuck around a lot to get good recording settings... this will depend a lot on your computer's power. Quickly, here are my specs:

    i7-3820 @ 3.8ghz, quadcore
    16gb 1600mhz RAM
    nVidia GTX 750 (Ti?)
    1680x1050 is my default resolution, and I play Sauer in this too. If you have a higher resolution, your computer will use more power to record. As a general rule, you should always try to go for at least 30fps when you're recording. More is better, as YT has support for up to 60fps. If you can get 720p 60fps (what all my videos are in on YT), the quality will be good enough for almost everyone.

    So go to Settings from the main screen. Next, go to Encoding.0_1471104749784_obsguide3.png

    The Max Bitrate is one of the things used to determine your video quality. I haven't recorded in a while, but I think this was the maximum I could run while playing Counterstrike. For Sauer, I could get over 3000kb/s. Obviously, try to get the maximum you can while still maintaining a decent fps.

    I have the quality balance set to 10. That's because my computer can record at a decent bitrate. If you can't record at at least 1024kb/s, drop the quality balance. I don't know what you'll have to drop it too. Experiment with that.

    1. We'll skip Broadcast Settings. My upload speed of 60kb/s means I never could try much with that. Go to Video.


    Make sure that you set your fps for this to at least 30. I have mine at 60 because I can. You'll notice that I have the resolution at 1440x900 - that's the resolution I play Counterstrike at, I guess. Set it to whatever resolution you play on Sauer. You can see it in Sauer by going to Options -> Res tab. If you are going to record in full screen, make sure you started Sauer in fullscreen. If you're recording in windowed, make sure to start in windowed, when you try to figure out your resolution. Also, I think there are some issues with changing resolution with different Sauer mods (comed at least), so be careful.

    And then you should be good to record! If you need help determining what exactly you should have your settings be, post your computer specs here. Also, if you can set up mumble, you should be able to set up the Audio tab yourself. I'm not much help with that... my microphone / myself are very soft.

  • Thanks alot! Appreciate it :P

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    I just wanted to post about OBS, but I see you already did :)
    Some additional info:
    It works fine on Linux for me, but in the sources part I have to select screen capture, window capture doesn't work.
    So my method is:
    start sauer (with sdlhack, so you can alt+tab, see the relevant topic)
    start obs, configure it for screen capture
    start capture, switch to sauer

    Some tips for performance:
    I have intel core 2 quad @ 2.93ghz quadcore, nvidia gt660 and play at 1920x1080 res.
    First i tried to record to my data storage hdd (western digital green, slow) at 1080p 30fps but sauer was unplayable and the video was very bad but also high file size. I changed the config to 1280x720 (not the game but only in obs so it downscales), and instead of the hdd I recorded to my ssd. I get very good quality video and about 20megabytes/1 minute filesize, and can play sauer at 100-200 fps while recording. (Now I realized that other stuff was running from the data storage hdd so that maybe the cause of the problem)

    So if you have perforamnce or quality issues:
    -try with 30 fps if you set higher (not really worth it to go lower in my opinion)
    -lower resolution in obs (1280x720 still looks good)
    -check if your hdd is too slow or overused (can't keep up with writing the video)

    in conclusion, obs is very good for recording sauer gameplay, recommended

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