How did you hear about sauerbraten?

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    Since sauerbraten looks to be not really well advertised i'm asking to the gentle pastaland player community how and when they did hear about it.
    How did i? Thanks to Ubuntu Add/Remove Applications, 2012

  • People from my highschool were playing it. Then i took an intrest in it and now i love it.

  • @GoodVibes do those ppl still play it? :D
    @epimeteo I was randomly looking for games on my linux mint installation, found it, installed it and i guess the music hooked me in :D

  • I was just looking for a game in Ubuntu and was the first thing I found in their repositories.

  • I was watching youtube and the next video was "AWESOME FPS SHOOTER" so i clicked and ive been playing for the past 6years :D

  • I was looking for a fast paced fps on iOS when I found a port of Cube1, then I installed Sauerbraten on my PC.

  • Accidentally downloaded Cube 1 and Sauerbraten as part of a software bundle I came across a few years ago. It sat on my hard-drive, forgotten, until I decided to do some exploring. Cube 1 had no servers so I moved on to Sauerbraten. I have been fragging ever since :gun: :bomb:

  • @Shikijo some who have home computers yes,but most used school mac books now we have chrome books and no way to play. i have my own computer so i continue to edit and frag :)

  • AssaultCube .. since I wasnt on Steam
    Later i stumbled upon Cube 2 : Sauerbraten Justice Ed.

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    Openarena server was down, so I ended up trying Sauerbraten.
    I'll never forget my first match: shooting blue guys on map Hallo. We all have been noobs ;)

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    You were a NOOB Team Killer??????? FFFS repent!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    @Shag I did repent ffs! And nobody told me to shoot red!

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    A friend couldn't finish the levels in campaign mode, so he asked me if I could.
    I did finish them, then I found Venice Inferno and I did my first 30 frags or so there (February 2015).
    The rest is history (and addiction) :relaxed:

  • I was a born fraggor, I knew I should shoot red :P

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    @epimeteo I played Quake from the 90s... when it went open source, I played openquake and ioquake or whatever... I was sick of the maps not being open source and so hard to make for Quake. I found Sauer and realized it was the true descendant of this obviously timeless and classic game model.

  • A coding camp program put on at the local uni, was about 11

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    I was looking for a free Onlineshooter and this was the Best it told me without making an Account or pay for better Weapons etc.

    Downloaded 2012
    Played since March 2013 with many Breaks
    Lost alot of Passion 2016

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    I think I found it in my distro's repository when looking for games, started not long before the release of collect edition (so around 2011-2012). Played ever since with some breaks, first at Nooblounge then at Demophobia servers and now Pastaland.

  • @epimeteo in May, 2016 ZveR told me that exist in nature is one enticing game)...and he did not disappoint)

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    Zver добре товарищ

  • @epimeteo said in How did you hear about sauerbraten?:

    Zver добре товарищ

    He knows it.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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