Kick bann from some guy called nom/kek

  • I dislike politics

  • @Shikijo Me too, especially the hidden Trump types. :P You´ll find them everywhere at leading positions of companies. Hell, they can even be admin for all their power, glory and control are addicted to. It´s all they have in life so yes, i hate them but i do kinda feel sorry for these pathetic creatures as they are products of abuse. Everyone can give them what they need though. It takes nobody special. ;)

  • Hey @BlurP , thank you for posting here. It's important for the masters team to receive feedback which they can react to, and it's important that people post here if they feel they were the victims of master abuse.
    As for your banishment, I can of course not judge about a situation I have not witnessed. But there are rules which have to be respected by every master, and concerning teamkilling, yes, there is the default teamkill limit and masters are instructed not to interfere through a kick, except of course a person shows continued interest in disturbing game flow and harrassing teammates.
    In short: Sometimes there's no black and white, but individual situations where auth holders do or do not react at their discretion.
    I don't see you as this "harmful" type of player, and of course, I would have warned (if I cared about chainsaw jokes or a "chatty" console at all), and under no circumstances kicked instantly.
    But you see, there are many auth holders for this server. Everybody reacts differently, some are more relaxed, some are not. Whenever you feel unfairly treated, remember you can post here again or speak to other players. If you think you immediately have to leave this game right now because of some misunderstanding, then so be it.
    Or maybe you'll sleep about it and forget it and we'll soon meet in the battlefield again. Cheers! :beers: :v_tone1:

  • Let me get this straight. A player called ‘lunatic’ was teamkilling with a chainsaw. The master at the time did not do anything about it so you decided to take matters into your own hands and kill the player called ‘lunatic’ (who also happened to be on your team).You then got banned for teamkilling by a master named ‘kek’ who has now changed his name to ‘nom’.
    You are now angry because the master banned you without a proper reason. You assume it is for teamkilling but as there is already a script than automatically kicks you for 5 teamkills without warning, you feel that the master abused his position and that you have been victimized.
    Is this your main complaint ?

  • @Fritz_Fokker Hey Fritz, it´s not only the case where i killed lunatic, its about the whole picture. This emptyhead keeps kicking and banning me for no legit reasons and most of all without warning also. Its not about me taking matters in own hands. I just killed lunatic back one time for fun and this stalker was watching me to have a go at it and uses it like i could start a TK frenzy that is complete nonsense and there is a auto-TK-script that protects for that.
    Altciniva has multiple names (kek/nom/=(0-0)=) to name a few and a lot more. I get the feeling i cant play this game anymore without this weird guy will kick/ban me again without warning. So i choose not to because i can´t do anything about it if such people can be admin in this game. Too make it even more simple, I come here to have fun and not to screw around. Mr. Benz, Shag, Epimeteo, Roro etc. They all know me like that. So if this guy Altciniva keeps being admin I quit this game.

  • @BlurP Accidental teamkills is one thing but an intentional one is another. I do not think @altcineva would kick you for no reason. How many times has this happened? could you please state the map(s)

  • @Fritz_Fokker The guy kick/banned me for 5 times. All without good reason and all without warning except for the first time when me and two other guys were talking about composing music. They all find it weird that he said to me i should stop talking about it orelse kick/ban. Those guys were all on my side and he only kick/banned me without me saying anything that could give him the right to do that. Every normal admin agrees that there should be a warning before a kick/ban and that the reason for a kick/ban should be legit. Whatelse do i need to prove? The maps? Im not that paranoid that i will start recording demo´s and take pictures etc to remember what maps he did it. I just want to play this game and have fun. This guy makes it impossible for me and its ok if you protect him. Thats your right but ask around to see if im some asshole fucking around in the game and you will have your prove. Have fun and bb. :)

  • Masters

    OK, so I'll make an effort to respond, even if it seems like a huge waste of time, at this point.

    I'll resume below, in a more concise way, what you are saying above.
    Your bad behavior and acting out is caused by being sanctioned for your previous bad behavior & griefieng, so it's really not your fault.
    You say that your psychobabble is just a private joke, then you repeatedly use it in your illogical arguments.
    You threaten to DDoS the server if not getting it your way, but then, of course, it's just another innocuous joke.
    You think that the autokick script is a permit to teamkill 4 times on purpose for everybody, in any game, without being sanctioned (which would clearly be an abuse).
    You are angry because you haven't been warned this time, even if you are a repeated offender and didn't care about warnings before.

    Here is what I think, ignoring your insults and the fact that you can't be polite and on point for 2 minutes.
    Only facts matter and they can easily be verified, so there is no use in trying to reframe them or present them in a way that suits you.
    The autockick script is there to help unburden the masters, it's not a permit for players to teamkill as they wish.
    You seem to think that you are the most important person here and this is all about you and your "rights".
    I think keeping the game fair-play, flowing & fun for everybody is what really matters.
    Spamming the chat for extended periods of time with the same repetitive stuff makes it unavailable for game-related communication.
    Griefing by annoying the other players and making the server rage makes it not fun for them.
    Griefing by blocking your teammates and provoking them to teamkill you is malicious and not fair-play.
    DDoS-ing the server obviously introduces lag and spoils the gameplay for everybody.

    I believe you have might have some anger problems, because of the way you write out everything that comes to your mouth, without any organisation or care for contradictions.
    There is no need to throw a primadonna tantrum and try to blackmail people, or threaten to DDoS.
    You are making this personal, which it definitely is not.
    I guess you really don't understand all the voluntary effort made by Gustavo and others to keep the server running and the game flowing.
    I would also be happy not to have to stop playing because I have to deal with things like that.
    Like I said, I don't believe anybody wants you gone, we just want you to stop your griefing and bad behavior and be fair-play, that is all.

  • @altcineva Altcineva, you are full of narcissistic bullshit from lalaland and Ill explain to you why with true facts. First I dont have small ego but that does not mean i think im important, far from it. Also I´m totally not angry with you anymore but just dissapointed in your short tunnelvision syndrom talking for others and how they think about me like what you think is what all think. BS.
    I come across tens of admins each week and the only one ever talking to me about psychobabble is gustav and not you so you are lying about that. Gustav asked me to chill down on that and i did.
    The only admin who kick/banned me is you. So the problem is in your head and not with me.
    The first time you kick/ban me was because i was having a conversation about composing music with 2 or 3 guys. These guys found it strange that you started treathen me to be kicked and banned while the 3 of us were doing non-psychobabble chatting. So thats prove you allready was looking to give me a ban. I dont swear and curse etc and im just behaving. You simply try to make me look black like a narcissist would do so you are the one kicking and banning me for TK (that i did not do) twice without warning and the ban after that was logic because you made me angry. Every player would be. So by me being angry you have another thing to blackmail me with by saying that im griefing and misbehaving like all people say im misbehaving all the time. Another narcissistic lie. You seem to me like a narcissist that does not like the fact that i make fun of narcissists now and then with only a few sentences and sometimes people even start about it themselves when they see me. Its just fun but you dont seem to have any sense of humor or respect and ban kick without warning while almost nobody has a problem with me except for you. Says more about you than about me.
    You have your way and im leaving this game because you make it unplayable with your dumbass kick/ban behaviour watching every move i make. I have seen so many guys doing TK with you around and you never ban them you lying cunt. You just dont like the fact that i joke about narcissists because you are probably one with the behaviour you are showing.

  • Blurp .. regardless of what you didn't mean to convey during heated misunderstanding, you were observed :-

    1. threatening to DDoS the server if no resolution is found, and

    2. using VPNs to evade any/ eventual bans for doing #1 or other related forms of retaliation.

    You can always play elsewhere where no keen and observant admin would take issue with the above.

  • @cs4 Why do you guys keep talking about DDOS. I dont talk about DDOS as i dont even know how to do it. If i wanted to fuck up this game i would not TRY to play it 24/7 while having fun. Why should i talk about DDOS? Totally insane to lie about this. You guys also say this about KITA-X as i did some study on this site. Some standard narcissistic procedure to safe the day? Telling the complaining guy who got fucked over that he is doing or talking about DDOS so it seems that you guys are fair and good to the outside world? I know better. Most players and admins in this game are cool guys but you and altcineva are totally insane making things up about me to blackmail me and try to look good at the same time. I dont mind though. It was fun knowing this game while it lasted and I wish all a good time with it. Time to move on from these narcissist TK banning admin crybaby´s. Bye.

  • Blurp that's the price you pay when a trusted snitch is around watching your every move.

  • @cs4 HAHA! One narcissist trusts another. That must be the best joke of the week! :) Nowonder this game has low player count as it isn´t getting any better with people being banned over a TK or chat (about for example food or composing music) and being fucked over even more when they get angry over it so these two narcissist admins can use your anger words to trow even more mud at you while feeling powerfull over it. LOL, guys im just enjoying this. Good shrink stuff to analyse. I have one word that describes you best. It´s called INSANE. Enjoy that last little bit of narcissistic supply you are addicted to as this is all what this forum is about. Ok, enough psychobabble now, it´s time for your bed little ones. Bye and happy hunting.

    PS: Everybody can give you guys what you need, it takes nobody special. ;)

  • no amount of your denial and disillusionment will prevent me from telling the truth of your actions.

    i am no narcissist and i hate liars who ddos servers or involve known hackers to carry it out.

  • @cs4 Ok, I kinda hate it to repeat myself but ill give you one more reaction because you need it so badly. But this is really the last one ok?
    Now im also being accused of being with hackers? What’s next, im a hacker that will hack the server, your pc or even your brain? It keeps getting better and better with the delusions you come up with. Ask yourself this question you weirdo as you are making a fool out of yourself, WTF would I DDOS a game that I'm playing so many times which I love because of many nice people while almost everybody on the server respects me and says hi when I enter the game except for you two banning narcissists? Get a life. Oh wait, thats the problem isn’t it? Getting a life because your mom or/and dad DDOSSED your brain so badly that as a result you are living in your self created narcissist fantasyland falsely accusing the people around you that have criticised you. Again, I play to have fun and not to ddos or fuck around with people orelse I would not be respected and i would have already done that. Thats prove enough. So, we have auto-TK-kick, we have mute-chat by nr. reason to start kick banning WITHOUT warning to make people angry but yes, thats what a narcissist is all about right cs4? Slowly killing a good game while pretending to be a good admin guy because im sure you are not only doing this stinky shit with me while laughing safely at home as the little pathetic narc nerd you are. Anyways, you two achieved the ultimate goal. Another well respected player gone moving on to another game. GJ! Next!

  • i want you to stop defending only your viewpoint.

    masters have a fair level of discretion when too much is enough and can do things to normalize the behavior of majority of players. Those that have crossed the lines -- Gustavo has already dealt fairly with them. No need to preach.

    you threatened to ddos the server and my trust in your good intentions stopped about a few days back.

  • This is going nowhere, locking topic

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