Surfing in Cube2 (for mappers)

  • Hello all cubers! Many ppl here who play cs:go must've heard of "surfing", here is a video for those who don't know
    My question is directed to mostly mappers and anyone who has knowledge of the cube engine.
    I want to make a surfing map/mode for sauer, it looks like something peacelovers would enjoy in sauer :D
    SO how do I go about doing this? and I have next to no knowledge nor experience of mapping as of now, (watching fatality's videos to learn).
    If someone feels like doing this themeslves, by all means, go ahead!

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    i don't know anything about maps. Based on what kind of maps we have now it's not impossible. The video it's really cool and i hope you can achieve something.

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    Shiki, ask TristamK and other known mappers. Those curved surfaces require a lot of work, but I don't see why it couldn't be done.
    I can put you in contact with some of them.
    Also, take a tour on the Racing servers, or download a racing map pack and look around.

  • @altcineva I am curious as to what their response would be, is he on irc? If yes I can contact him myself later, otherwise I'll go seek halp from le wild mappers
    Thanks btw!

  • Despite sauer being fast when it comes to shooting, it has incredible slow movement.

    There is nothing that would propel you upwards except a jump pad, but this will also slow your movement down in the end. When building slopes, you have to overcome a certain angle otherwise the player will just 'run' on the incline. But chances are high, that you'll fall down straight away. There is somewhere deep within my maps folder a map where you'd slide endlessly (at least that's what it feels like) towards the bottom of the map, but it's not nearly as cool as the movements from gamemods like warsow, quake cpma or whatever cs mod this is.

    The only thing that would come to my mind, is some sliding incline with jumppads at the end of it. Look at this website for the sauer 'EXREMELY SLOWEST EVER' racing possibilities
    there you can find mappers who know the most about racemap design, although the most sadly left the community.

    One thing what's possible and you will come across, are sliding floors similar to the 'snow' part on siberia, but the reverse. But this also results in a very slow motion and I believe, it's not possible to combine this with slopes, as it requires the use of clip + no clip, which you can only do in 90deg cubes.

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    @Shikijo I don't know about IRC, but see this thread:

    You can also watch TristamK's video, download the maps and see if there is something close to what you are expecting.
    Another contact suggestion would be Wizard, who has already posted in our Tesseract section.

  • Alright thanks, I'll try to contact them see what they have to say.

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