Story behind your name? (and other [fluff] from me)

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    I tried to start a metal band when I was 16-17. There were three names I could come up with, all on my own, "hatefed" , "In Flames" and "viadeath". A little Google search let me know that these names were already taken, but the name "hatefed" really stuck with me. For a 16 year old I thought "hatefed" was really cool, it meant someone surround by hate and negativity and fed on it. Kinda like what I felt at the time. Later I shortened it to HaTe and now h8.
    What's the story behind your name?

    Also, here is an old post I found from my old clan website:
    alt text

    I was just trying to figure out about when I first tried sauer, I guess it would be about 2008-09. Which makes me older entrant to this game than most of you, bow to my greatness peasants.

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    Back then when i started playing sauer i was reading brecht and i saw a theatrical play of his work and i liked it. So the first think that came to my mind when i had to pick a nick name wat bertolt brecht. Simple.

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    Tuta - This is word from local dialect, used for someone incapable to speak and work, invalid. Idea is reasonable - i understand English, sort of, but i dont understand spell.

  • Shikijo is a guy from Rurouni Kenshin, no particular reason for choosing it.

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    Saw orange playing as "cineva" (someone), so I renamed to "altcineva" (someone else).

  • I don't remember why I was using .|. ... Today I use rifraf because I see a mexican 70's sitcom called "el chavo del ocho" subtitled to English; and a character called Kiko says "chusma, chusma" (rifraf, rifraf) as a message of contempt for another character called Don Ramón (this ocurrs when Kiko's mom discuss with Don Ramón).

  • While in school, the majority of my history classes was about WW 1 & 2. ‘Fritz’ is the nickname allied soldiers gave to their German counterparts in both wars. Fritz is actually the nickname for someone called Fitzgerald. ‘On the fritz’ is also an expression used to describe something that is either not working properly or cannot be repaired. I use to have an old TV in my room that was like that and I always referred to it as being ‘on the fritz’. I wish the video was an exaggeration of my old TV….. But no.:cold_sweat:

    As for ‘Fokker’ , I used to be into single seat aircrafts and both ‘Fokker’ and ‘Focke-Wulf’ (currently defunct aircraft manufacturers) made my favorite aircrafts. I also figured that since people are eventually going to either make a joke or insult me, ‘Fokker’ is also a great punch line for either an insult or a joke. Since Guys like to make fun of each other. It’s best to have the upper hand. When someone calls me Fritz Fucker for example, I laugh harder than they do. Ha Ha! By coincidence I ended up with an actual first and family name.:astonished:
    So yeah..... Plenty of meaning behind my name. I apologize for the essay style response :disappointed_relieved:

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    because it's my name (surname, i don't know , i always confuse this two words, well bad english) :)

  • @Eric Yes. I too bad with imagination)

  • @julia said in Story behind your name? (and other [fluff] from me):

    @Eric Yes. I too bad with imagination)

    I AM....

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • @DipShitStar дорогой мой. я ценю твой перфекционизм в отношении английского языка, поэтому именно с тобой буду общаться именно на русском. спасибо за ликбез.

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    Should explain all.


  • subbed74 came from the need to create a new username when I got my Xbox 360 in middle school. I used that forever. When I joined FD, I didn't like how [FD]subbed74 looked, so I went around searching for a new names to use. I wanted to do something related to space, and discovered the Soviet space program Venera. And then yeah... I've been wanting to use Arenev for a while too, so I use that too.

  • On the idea behind my name in particular, I originally called myself TGunn at the start of me playing Sauerbraten. I stopped using TGunn and instead go for a more "full name" sort for a little more... original preference. (Seriously, look up TGunn.)

    Before anyone asks, I came up with the name Timakrov before I learned about the Makarov pistol. As for me coming up with Gunn? Should be obvious.



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    @Shikijo Kenshin is a good anime!

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    I chose Øwl because I was originally playing Sauer with a group of friends who thought it would be cool to all have animal names that were either venomous or stealthy... then after I just never thought to change it. Also at the time i was learning danish and i got the Ø from their alphabet and my grandparents last name who were also Danish.

  • @Øwl do you by any chance know "pigeons" and "rat" ? :D

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    @Shikijo I know cat, turtle, and viper, and i knew rat but im not sure if he was in the original group or not. I dont remember some of the others names 😅

  • @Timakrov-Gunn Ah. I was associated you with Atilla- leader of the Huns)

  • Cocaine.

  • @swatllama said in Story behind your name? (and other [fluff] from me):


    I value your honesty.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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