Msg for Gustavo. Banned by Sweeper after little conversation with Altceniva

  • Could someone (hopefully Gustavo) look into the logs? I'm now playing as Narcissists_sux and some guys asked me if I was Blurp and I said yes. Altceniva (renamed as a player called no) said to them (clearly to provoke me) that I was very ashamed of what happened on the forum and in reply i've told him that im not ashamed because there is nothing to be ashamed about. It's just a game and im not screwing around on it. Ask around for that and see logs. I usually end up in the top 3 while playing these games. I even have screenshots of Epimeteo not liking what Altceniva and his few friends are doing. He even mailed Gustavo about this he said a couple of days back. Anyways, this Sweeper guy afterwards started to play around together with Altceniva saying something stupid about what happened on the forum that was ofc not true. In reply to that i made a joke back and say that I was just having some fun on the forum and without any warning i got kick banned. He simply told me, ok you can do that again. I did not say anything hatefull, did not TK and did not chat too much, did not do DDOS that these guys acused me off in the past etc. I see people swear and curse and do teamkilling and they are mostly not being banned for it by these few admins. CS4/Altceniva and i dont know who Sweeper is but he does not understand a joke or is just playing under the radar together with Altceniva that has kick/banned me for crazy reasons that i''ve allready explained under the name Blurp on this Forum. Anyways, im not crying about it allthough its not cool when you want to play some games. Just saying so maybe something can be done about it. Thx.

  • mmm you can write to Gustavo directly too.

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    @BlurP Sweeper is not a Pastaland master. If you think you are victim of abuse you may want to address the guy who gave him global auth. Which is eihrul, you can find him on IRC.
    Please be assured that bullying around is not in the Pastaland masters' guide of conduit.

  • @GustavoLapasta Ok, thanks. I'm not using IRC and I'm not planning to use it also. For real, is this Sweeper guy going free and I need to figure this all out by myself? I though you were the big man in this game handling abuse. I mean, This is also a way to keep kicking and banning me without reason and getting away with it. They will keep doing it. I start to get the picture how this game works.

  • @BlurP Sweeper is not a pastaland master, he has global auth given to him by one of the creators of the game(eihrul) and only eihrul can take it away from him. Gustavo can only manage masters who have server auth given to them by him. So if you want to contact eihrul you can join irc #sauercom and talk to him whenever you can find him online there.

  • every time i read 'banned without reason', i can think of plenty

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • @Shikijo With all respect, what I'm trying to say is. It does not even matter if Sweeper is been given global auth rights and who has give this to him. It is about what Sweeper did with these rights. He simply bans about a joke. Check the logs. Its a crazy reason to be banned for something like that. Something that should not take place is called abuse of rights. And nothing is being done about it. We all have IP's. And you guys say, go find eihrul and fix the problem yourself by telling him what happened. Sweeper can be ip banned right? Gustavo is able to ban a person from ever playing the game.

  • @DipShitStar There is always a reason. When a bully wants to ban you...he will always find a reason. If it's by following the master rulez or not simply does not matter to him. Guys like Gustavo should prevent this and if this does not happen it's not good for the game. I'm not only talking about me here, im talking for others too. People like Voiceoftruth swears 24/7 and i see this guy playing all the time. So i wonder if this game is being run by a bunch of narcissists? No offence but it starts to look like it.

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    I like BlurP. I like Sweeper. I like "no". I like Pastaland.
    Why can't you people just get along. Wtf is happening.

    If someone could post the chat logs here, we could form a more informed opinion. It's not like Sweeper to ban impulsively, he's an old retired player afaik (atleast that's what he told me).

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    @h8 even if we post the chat logs here, I'm pretty sure the conversation would not be over. Sweeper behavior is not in Pastaland jurisdiction. Even if I wanted to ban him, I could not because he's been invested with super powers.
    But I don't have a problem with Sweeper. If Blurp has, then he needs to talk to eihrul. It's that simple.

  • @BlurP said in Msg for Gustavo. Banned by Sweeper after little conversation with Altceniva:

    insert a lot of bla bla here

    Hilarious, I've seen you bitching and whining many times. I thank the bad, bad bullies, for kicking your crybaby butt, so that everyone now has documented proof. It's a game, get over a little 4h ban.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • @DipShitStar This must all be very hurtfull for you to read and I did not want to hurt your grandiose feelings but I'm not asking for crybaby Trump alike people like you to start talking bla. And if I don't like being banned that is not something im crying about. I started posting on this forum only when it happened for like 4 times. Before that I was laughing about it. Yes yes, now you say it is good this has happened and that ALL people think like this. Again, generalizing Trump people. Totally insane. No need to listen to your kind. It''s almost funny. Please.

  • amazing how you use american politics to ... wait what are you doing?

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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