• for how many seconds you disassembled Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK) I did it for 8 seconds ..)

  • скриншота нет..)

  • You have a real assault rifle..? what for? :santa_tone4:

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  • @Shikijo no. I do not have AK. licensing for weapon system in Russia is quite tedious) this is just a memory of learning in school. so we are well used to teach around little by little)

  • @julia I wish our schools taught us that.

    Ne cede malis


  • Masters

    I wish schools teach about peace!

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    @julia , претера :)

  • @tuta Juliа всегда говорит только правду.

  • I can dis/re-assemble my shotguns and formerly owned rifles really quickly, certainly not 8 seconds quickly.

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    I have never touched an AK Kalashnikov... and am particularly happy about that!
    I trust the situation continues for the rest of my life.

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • @Shag I am glad that you - theorist. I beg you to abstract and not be afraid of Russian women: it is believed that the fine motor skills of hands improves brain function)

  • LOL! I am already having visions of a future Babushka Julia :older_woman: sitting next to a half empty bottle of cheap vodka, cigarette in mouth, teaching the kids how to disassemble, clean and reassemble their AK's.

  • @Fritz_Fokker you're wrong. in my visions I paint landscapes in Venice. guys, why your head full of stereotypes? you make us smile...)

  • @Fritz_Fokker but if we are talking seriously. I'm curious why you play, when that 98% of you do not touch the weapon in real time.

  • @julia I did not know you were into painting landscapes. My favorite paintings are of the land and seascapes. I have a replica of ' the ninth wave' by Ivan Aivazovsky. Who said 98% of us have not touched a gun? I am holding my NES Zapper as we speak.

  • @Fritz_Fokker мне понравилось выражение одного персонажа тут в обсуждениях, что-то типа "морально социальные апостолы"..нет, конечно. мы не настолько прозрачны, как хотелось бы, но поверьте, что шутки про водку, медведей и балалайки не цепляют. ну не смешно это. плоско даже. тебе нравится "Девятый вал"? хороший вектор в классику. я уважаю людей, которые знакомы с нашим искусством. но ты не ответил на вопрос: что притягивает людей, которые декларируют отвращение к оружию, к игре? да. поправка принята. 97%...)

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  • Julia, is your Kalashnikov full automatic?

  • oh boy..

  • @cs4 I am not a boy

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