Duomo or no Duomo that is the question

  • I like donya

  • @Mr.Benz It is pretty, but I find the plants and trees often get in the way.

    Ne cede malis


  • Large maps means more time walking than fighting, unless we're talking about long-ranged combat.

    In the case of duomo, when one player spawns in, they would have to jump down to the lower area in the middle, proceed upward to the floor that has the jump pads which is the only way to reach the opposing team's base, in which base campers have the high ground advantage. Once that player manages to get the opposing team's flag, they have two options; repeat the process to get back to their base or rugby pass it, which is easier granted that an enemy doesn't spawn in time and shoot the flagrunner from rugby passing it.

    This is at least my best guess on why people don't like duomo.



  • @julia yes i dont mind playing it

  • @GustavoLapasta you were right yesterday 6 players in server duomo came on all left bar 3. shame really its a good map if players learned theres more to sauer than 4 inch square maps lol

  • @GustavoLapasta get rid of camp capture and dust mate ;)

  • administrators

    @lee-wales-uk nah, those are good maps

  • @lee-wales-uk said in Duomo or no Duomo that is the question:

    @DipShitStar learn to play it you might change your mind ;)

    HAHAHAHAAHH you fuckin noob

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • Love duomo. Not enough hard maps in sauer these days. Though I am also a fan of frostbyte which I suppose is not terribly hard.

    I wonder if it's possible to exclude a map from rotation but allow it to be accessed by vote? A possible compromise, perhaps.



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