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  • @Shikijo Question: Why do you guys give master out to incompetents (not targeting you, you're fine)?

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    @swatllama because I say so :kissing_heart:

  • Question
    Someone named @DipShitStar was an asshole to me out of the blue. Why did he do this, and how do I stop it?

    @DipShitStar is an asshole to everybody. You have to be a bigger asshole right back to him. In theory, he will then respect you and back down, but when put to practice, he just ups his assholiness. However, I find that this approach still works, because he often provides the provocation for your verbal attack, and it is very amusing to everyone, including you. Therefore, while it won't stop him from being an asshole, replying to him with your own assholiness will lift your spirits enough to deal with it.

  • Does this look like a reddit AMA to you guys? :taco:

  • @Shikijo do you not think that most of the people viewing an FAQ will be newbies? Therefore, they probably will have been viciously verbally assaulted by Star and not know why.

  • Just questions and answers in general? Could start with a simple one (in case it wasn't somehow obvious in-game).

    What is Rugby?

    Rugby is a server mod that allows a flagrunner to pass the enemy flag to a teammate by shooting said teammate with the rifle.

    You can save yourself a long and inevitably deadly trek back to your flag by passing the flag this way to a teammate near the flag, if you can aim and communicate with your team. Good examples are maps like wdcd, face-capture, and xenon.

    (Edit;) How to improve on ctf-based games (like instctf)?

    You can start off by paying attention. You have a radar on your top right screen that shows you the location of the flags as well as teammates (if you have 'show teammates' ticked in settings). Sounds go off when someone has your flag or the enemy's.

    If you are the flagrunner, don't just run, and don't just rely on your teammates to cover for you. You will be an easy target if you do. The enemy knows where you are with their flag thanks to the radar, so don't think you can be sneaky after you grab the flag. Only turn away just a second only to get a glimpse of where you are going so you won't fall down or get stuck. Otherwise, turn toward the enemy and shoot them as you run back to your base. Better yet, if the server has rugby (like Pastaland's server), take the advantage and pass it!

    Last but not least, take the time (offline preferably) to learn the map. Look for ways that would be best for flanking or retreating with the flag, ways that you can sneak in/ the enemy can sneak in, places that are good for rugby passing the flag, etc etc etc. The better you know the map, the better you'll be able to respond to the enemy's tactics.



  • @M16 But he is our asshole. We should pit him against fraggin.

    Ne cede malis


  • @M16
    Disclaimer: The following is purely for informational purposes only. I am in no way trying to start sh&t!

    Pastaland is technically a forum site for Pastaland related topics and issues. So if you guys want to give star his moment of glory, you can always start a thread and discuss @dipshitstar. He can literally be the dip:shit::star: of his own thread.

    Now for my questions:

    1. I was banned for no reason. What do I do?
    2. My brother/sister/friend was playing sauer and got kicked from the server. Now I cannot play at all. can you unban me?
    3. Someone else is using my name on Pastaland! is there a way for me to protect my name?
    4. A master told me to fix my ping, but totally ignored the other player with an even higher ping. wtf!?

  • @Fritz_Fokker GJ Fritz.. gj..

  • Does Pastaland recognize instant noodles as a viable and legitimate alternative to freshly cooked pasta?

  • @Mr.Benz no.

    Ne cede malis


  • @M16 that is a part of the standard initiation ceremony for sauer players

  • Q: How do I see my kills, deaths, accuracy, score etc (with default client)?

  • Masters

    @Shikijo Type /stats

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • @Shag, it's #stats.

  • Masters

    round = [
       split = (strreplace $arg1 "." " ");
       result (concatword (at $split 0) "." (substr (at $split 1) 0 $arg2));
    print_stats = [
       red  = [ result "^fs^f3"; ]
       blue = [ result "^fs^f1"; ]
       frags   = (getfrags);
       deaths  = (getdeaths);
       acc     = (getaccuracy);
       flags   = (getflags);
       ldeaths = $deaths;
       if (= $ldeaths 0) [ ldeaths = 1; ]
       kpd = (round (divf $frags $ldeaths) 2)
       if (> $flags 0) [ flags = (concatword (blue) " Flags: " (red) $flags); ][ flags = ""; ]
       echo (concatword (blue) "Name: " (red) (getname) (blue) " Frags: " (red) $frags (blue) " Deaths: " (red) $deaths (blue) " Acc: " (red) $acc "%" (blue) " KpD: " (red) $kpd $flags);
    bind "Q" [ print_stats; ]

    Type it into "autoexec.cfg", should work everywhere (binded to "q" key)

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    @swatllama Close.

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • it's possible to show your stats in the gamehud. the result looks like this:

    alt text

    You just need to put the following code in your autoexec.cfg (or in another CFG file in the same folder with your autoexec, name it stats.cfg and link to it in the autoexec with the following line: "exec stats.cfg")

    gamehud = [ result (getstats 0)  ]
    getstats = [
    	frags = (getfrags)
    	deaths = (getdeaths)
    	acc = (getaccuracy)
    	kpd = (substr (divf $frags (max $deaths 1)) 0 4)
    	flags = (? (> (getmode) 10) (format "  ^f4Flags: ^f7%1" (getflags)) "")
    	bestfrags = 0
    	bestdeaths = 0
    	bestacc = 0
    	var_frags = (format "best_%1_%2_frags" (getmode) (mapname))
    	var_deaths = (format "best_%1_%2_deaths" (getmode) (mapname))
    	var_acc = (format "best_%1_%2_acc" (getmode) (mapname))
    	if (!=s (getalias $var_frags) "") [
    		// update map frags record
    		if (> (getfrags) (getalias $var_frags)) [
    			alias $var_frags $frags
    			alias $var_deaths $deaths
    			alias $var_acc $acc
    		bestfrags = (getalias $var_frags)
    		bestdeaths = (getalias $var_deaths)
    		bestacc = (getalias $var_acc)
    	] [
    		// init variables
    		alias $var_frags 0
    		alias $var_deaths 0
    		alias $var_acc 0
    	result (format "^f4Stat: ^f7%1^f4/^f7%2 ^f4%3 ^f4(^f7%4%%^f4)   ^f4Best: ^f7%5^f4/^f7%6 %7% %8" (getfrags) (getdeaths) $kpd (getaccuracy) $bestfrags $bestdeaths $flags)

    You can change colors if you want: just change numbers in the last line of the script (for 'flags' it's 7th line) to something you prefer more.
    here is the meaning of numbers:

    green 	= ^f0
    blue 	= ^f1
    yellow 	= ^f2
    red 	= ^f3
    grey 	= ^f4
    magenta	= ^f5
    orange	= ^f6
    white 	= ^f7

  • @M16 to be honest i aint seen him in server id suggest to tell him to go take his face foor a shit....he might leave you alone then lol

  • @M16 hihihihihi, assholiness, hrhkrhkrhkrhkrhrk

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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