Crowdsourcing DDOS Protection Funding?

  • @doge Back in the days when PSL / Ogros servers were more prominent they were down for several days because of some other (?) shit kid ddosing them. Not minutes or hours... days. Same for Masterserver and I am sure other prominent servers back than too. So even if this shit kid will stop: there will always be some other low life that will take on what other shit kids started.
    Btw.: I really would like to see some ddos-protected server just to annoy the kid ddosing the servers now but I think that @GustavoLapasta is right. Just go on... it's just a game... if one server gets ddosed... move on to the next one aka. "just ignore the troll".

  • @Rosine The only populated servers are the ones that Fraggin and Friendless own. They have admin their and decide who can play and who is banned. So sometimes it is a bit hard to move on.

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  • @Ao1-Pointblank
    Hmmm... you can always join some random server and wait for other ppl to join if Pastaland is down. Demophobia, Nooblounge, PSL1 are examples for servers where not every random idiot could claim master and that get crowded fast as soon as some players are on there (maybe because of good reputation in the past).
    To tell the truth: I would rather doing something else than joining a server were some random kid has master.

  • Masters

    Going nowhere here.... Jeez you guys can't see past your noses can you?

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • so in case anyone is interested, this is what i know about this whole mess so far, all quotes [sic]

    • fragginfucker (ff) is likely behind some of the attacks, he would say pasta is going down and it goes down in minutes. he's got a permanent ban there. quoting ff:

      ive never said i ddos
      im just friends with the ones who ddos

    • according to many rumors, someone going by the nickname “Ownz” is/was behind the attack, but i don't think i've ever met him

    • at some point someone named “Sentinal” claimed he ddosed pasta, saying the following while talking about Star:

      it's merely a demonstration of what will happen to him if he keeps his shit ways up he is one of the most ignorant fuck wads i have ever meet and a very abusive member of the sauer community

      as well as

      somedays i will do it for fun :)

    • someone named FearLess claims that he is Sentinal and that this is his twitter account. he said, and i don't have a quote here, that Ownz ddosed in the past but not anymore; that it was he, FearLess, who hosted the second pastaland server for nopnotme, and that he took it offline because Gustavo kicked(?) him from his own server. ff, however, said that

      fearless is pissed off lol
      nopnotme fucked him lol
      this was nopnotme servers not fearless


    probably there's not a shed of truth in all this but whatever

    yes i have nothing better to do than write this stuff

  • @li'lfluf yeah that's his twitter. At least it's using the same image as his discord account. Also, ff might be fearless. The C| clan might also be connected. Sorry, I have no proof of this.

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  • Masters

    to add something to li'flufs summary:

    Several months ago I was chating with Ownz and indeed he was dossing pastaland at the very moment. He admitted and we talked about that....

  • @li'lfluf ....

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • ddos-ing a server is a felony and please there is no need speculate who is behind it.

    Discord has logs, FBI has tip-offs, OVH is in-the-know no need to make these kiddies react by increasing their nuisance behavior.

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