Mosby got banned

  • Mosby is one of the nicest players I have ever met. He got banned for having high ping. Please let him play, and he will send a signed a autograph of his wonderful face.

  • Nah, you were not banned, you were jailed and asked nicely to fix ping. Did you fix that?

  • wait what? high ping or unstable? high ping isnt a big deal, people from places like australia wanna play as well as people from germany. I am sure this question was discussed a lot but I think you need just separate these two different things as high ping and unstable connection.

  • Masters

    probably it's an unstable ping and it is not just big......

  • Masters

    The Ping Police strike again...... Marvellous!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • I did fix it.

  • @TedMosby Please tell me how you fixed your ping. Mine is a ping-pong ball, bouncing everywhere.

    Ne cede malis


  • @TedMosby said in Mosby got banned:

    I did fix it.

    Good man! Now go and fix your english.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)



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