Backup server: Spirit of Pasta

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    So I decided to grab spaghettimod & the pastaland scripts and start a backup server in case Pastaland dies. This will keep going even if Pastaland shuts down.
    Server name is :: Spirit of Pasta ::
    Mission: To continue to provide the Pastaland experience without any significant change.
    Come check it out!
    Changes from Pastaland:
    -admin is me
    -server location: luxembourg
    -killcore3, frostbyte, caribbean added to map rotation
    -autospec timer now takes longer
    Everything else (jokes, scripts, rugby, etc.) is the same, if you have auth on Pastaland it will work here too.
    To all current pastaland masters: you are welcome to use your auth just as you did on Pastaland.

    I also encourage people to set up their own servers.

    Big thanks to @GustavoLapasta for helping setting things up.

    Q: Will this get ddosed too?
    A: Probably yes, altohugh there is some kind of advertised ddos protection but I strongly suspect that it wont work (it's like $3/mo so whatever). So in this regard, situation is same as Pastaland.

    Q: I want to start my own server, how can I do it?
    A: I documented how I set up this server (firewall, compiling spaghettimod, configuring, etc.), see here for a detailed howto (you will need some linux skills of course)

    Q: Will the known cancer camper map face-capture be allowed?
    A: To provide the the Pastaland experience, face-capture is allowed and in the map rotation (although we all know it's shit). Howeveer, if enough people want to remove it I will be more than happy to do so.

    Please give your opinion & comments, thanks.

  • @negus Will camping and map face-capture be allowed? 😜

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    @sa5m Good question I updated the FAQ

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    Thank you Negus!! Pastaland's savior!

  • 1st mistake: -killcore3, frostbyte, caribbean added to map rotation
    (make sure to update mapvoting rotation, too, they are seperate)

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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    Thanks, now the voting rotation is updated too.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Ne cede malis


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