I'ts raining Rigatoni!

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    Hello everyone!

    I am here to talk a bit about the various updates the Rigatoni Pasta flavored servers have received over the last months.

    So this is basically just there to keep the number of playing people as high as possible.. But while on the PSL servers for every spectator a new slot was created, Rigatoni simply does not count spectators. So when you are on the server and have a friend sitting there who wants to play with you, you can basically tell them when you go to spec to open a slot for them. While this potentially makes it possible to open tons of slots it will not really happen as more people have to go to spec to let more people join.

    You all might have noticed that people are getting put into spectator recently because of Stars great lagprotect module (which is inspired by something we use on !s servers for ages ofc). He spiced the thing up so it really works good and I think it is tuned right now so the people who disturb the game with their 5 FPS machines or less than 28k modems get filtered out after some time.

    Mr.Benz aka |DM|benzomatic wrote an IRC bot for Rigatoni. Together with the work from Origin everyone can stalk people on the Rigatoni servers now both in IRC and Discord! Every master should consider joining #rigatonirugby on IRC (gamesurge) or watch the channel on sauerworld Discord. Many functions can be controlled from outside the game already and make the Admins' life easier. Various statistics are displayed like who are the top players in each quarter of the game plus additional important messages regarding the running game.

    Rigatoni NO Rugby
    Yes the rumors are true. There is an ICTF-Rigatoni server now which does not employ the Rugby game. So many good maps become interesting and playable again. Try it out. Stats are in sync with what you see on http://rigatonirugby.com

    Last but not least there is now also an efficctf flavored Rigatoni server:
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    Rugby and automatic afk spec is disabled there at the moment to populate it more quickly.
    Also some new people who use to run public ectf games might appear as new masters there. We hope that the other masters support this server as well as we try to deliver a good public game experience in another mode.

    What's next?

    • A blacklist for maps which have been played recently is planned. It still happens too often that the same maps get played over and over again just because people join who do not know that forge has been played 3 times in a row already.
    • The location of the server will probably change to France, to the same hoster as Pastaland was hosted. It should improve the ping of a lot of European players and be a bit more robust regarding (d)dos attacks.

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    nice updates. would be nice to have the option of ictf or ectf at all timezones. all the best.

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    Are the scripts available somewhere?
    I would like to keep Spirit of Pasta server up-to-date with Rigatoni as a backup. (I asked you before on Discord about the scripts but got no answer, it's ok if u dont want to publish them but I would like to get an answer).

  • @Obstriegel very nice obst!, love the idea of having effic as the game mode, its going to be an amazing experience for your average player that would most likely play insta as most currently servers are and will a provide a chance for them to play a different mode. All the best on the project!

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