Master Abusing by Shag

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    @diabLo I don't know what was going on there. Shag just says that you told him that he is not worth for auth so he kicked you for being an asshole. He did not talk about cheating. You say something different. Unfortunately there is no chat in the demos I watched when you were playing and there is no log about that time.

  • I wonder ... guys can come up with something more creative ...?)

  • @Obstriegel Why there is no chat log about that time on the server? And how did miu find his exact words? :
    "Holy crap ther eis some serious Acc on the enemy TEam time to kick some cheaters".

    And there is more than that afterwards, something like

    ''i cant wait to nail your cheating ass''

    which lighted me a bit over the top to naturally ask him out of frustration with exact those words :

    ''hey dumbass, who gave you master here?''

    No ''dont deserver auth'' or anything like that.

    I advise Shag to stop hiding behind his finger, and this kind of attitude while he is playing with master is not something new or strange, rather a routine which indicates a specific mentality of this person which is no flattering at all. I think i'm fairly putting under serious question the power that is given to such players. And i doubt i'm the only one.

  • It's all disgusting. Similar attempts occur periodically, but they are still awkward. I admire Shag. A wise man does not seek excuses from the crowd, if he is sure of his rightness. By the way ... does anyone know why there is no Didisan for a long time?

  • @julia Keep this thread CLEAN from your bias Julia.

    I did not come here to participate in meaningless discussions with you but to speak with those who are in charge. I'm not interested in your opinion a single bit.

    On the contrary, if you bear any sense of responsibility as part of this community, you should stop the groundless support to your friend Shag, which it's fakeness can be observed with the bare eye and try to be objective. Otherwise stay in silence. I won't reply to you again.

  • @diabLo I observe periodic attempts to discredit the masters. Perhaps some of the players want their complete absence. Perhaps someone wants to change the whole galaxy of old masters. I have not seen the evidence of your rightness, so I have the right to express my opinion. It is not worth starting a public dispute without evidence.
    Excuse me, do not be offended)

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    In all respect of shag i have seen him judge cheater of their accuracy and in my opinion he is wrong most of the times.
    0_1498773050471_french_player.dmo In this demo he is accusing a france player for cheating. in my opinion is not. by the end of the game he is jail him. Kind of similar situation. I would suggest to be careful. Personally if i am not sure i ask more experienced players.

  • oh hi Athena...

    and dear ohm is back too ..

  • Yeah, lots of the masters here are shit, but @GustavoLapasta took away a lot of competent people's masters cause they disagreed with him and @Obstriegel has yet to reinstate some of the competent people's keys.

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