TOURNAMENT: August 20th

  • Hey guys. I will be hosting a tournament. You can find more details here: I hope as many people as possible will come.

  • My prediction:
    You will see the obligatory Honzik1, and maybe two other good players.
    Aside from that there will be some 2nd and 3rd row clan guys, that I have already forgotten.
    The gaps are filled with random noobs.

    In the end, one of these three guys is going to win.
    For the teamplay games, the winners will be two of the three guys - The ones that manage it to form a team first.

    My advice: Do not waste your time.
    I honor your efforts swat, but this is honestly pretty pointless.
    The last quality tournament was in 2013 when we still had a relatively huge amount of good players.

  • Sweeper,
    I can think of a handful of comparable effic players aside from Honzik1. We talked last night, and it's also likely he won't be able to attend.
    With this map pool, I can think of at least four fine ffa duelists who could all duke it out for the final.

    But I see you misunderstand why I ever hosted tournaments. It was not to provide a platform for people to win. That is an outcome, one largely dominated by two people in particular, but I structure and design it with different motives. I want people to be forced explore new modes and maps, and forced to think in different ways. I hope some of these get leeched into their everyday playing. It has largely failed, although I can think of a few eCTF maps that are more played now than before we introduced them into SSL, and more people willing to try pickup modes than before we ran those... By doing more new things, people can discover new ways to think and play situations. That will improve them as players, and I hope some people will take that outside of Sauer and become better people.

    If you have no intention of playing, I hope you come watch.

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