Fake news: a reason to ban someone?

  • I say don't do anything... just let people know about the /ignore command and leave it up to them.
    Total censorship is never the right solution, even if it is kinda funny.

    Ne cede malis


  • @Ao1-Pointblank Who is talking about "total censorship" ? "Freedom of speech" doesn´t mean you can say everything. If you are a victim of such fake news , how do you resist? You have hardly a chance to fight back. That is why we are talking about rules for all. We have to protect the users here.

  • @a-monster There is a simple pattern: the level of the player and the verbal diarrhea he admits in the chat of the game. It's ridiculous - to educate trolls. But this is a litmus test for ascertaining the dignity of each player. Usually I do not have time to read and write in the chat. But sometimes my calmness is punched by special insolent people. Then I do so that the rest of the players laugh at them. Next time you can come up with the fake news about Maserati if it will bring you moral satisfaction)

  • Arguments that involve the ignore command are very stupid.
    You can not expect ten people to ignore one persistent idiot, who does not want to shut up.
    That's very presumptuous. It is a game, and it should be treated like a game.
    Political or ideological discussions do not belong there. They can be done in forums, discord, irc...
    This does not have something to do with censorship or freedom of speech, but with decency and good manners.
    Things that some of the kids should learn as soon as possible.

  • All masters are aware of the basic code of conduct (rules) with regards to the server.
    But most importantly, players should make themselves familiar with the ' ignore ' command and use it accordingly.
    Players should also consider sending a private message ( #pm ) to the master(s) on the server if they would like action to be taken against another player.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm in favor of muting idiots. Any conversation which actively detracts from the game is better carried out in a different forum. In this respect I largely agree with sweeper: "It is a game, and it should be treated like a game." With the caveat that spectators are largely free to discuss things as long as they do not distract those actually playing too much. I wouldn't typically remove someone from the game just for talking though, given than #mute is an option.

    Also, @swatllama, we all know you have a penchant for unsavory remarks and therefore are more tolerant. Whether we should be or not is a different question.

  • @Fritz_Fokker this does not work in reality. then you see some gay is]Jay murrican join and start abusing master power. give power to fucktards and then they abuse it. it is a junkrat who was begging to get master for a reason.

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