Happy New Year

  • My dear.
    I am grateful to all of you for your help, warm attitude and attention. Thank you all for humor and criticism, trust and positive. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish you health, love and equilibrium next year.
    I love you.
    your Юлия

  • nice, I am the star!
    happy new year, too!

  • Julia,
    thank you so much !

    Happy new year and all the best for you

  • Masters

    Thank you Julia! I am in the tree too :)
    I wish you also all the best in the new year, may all your wishes come true!
    And great new sauer battles of course :)

  • Masters

    Thanks Julia!
    Happy New Year to everyone! May 2018 be everything you want! :grinning:

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • Thanks julia for putting me in top three. :D Happy New Year 2018 too! :D

  • Happy new year to you, too, and to everyone.



  • Happy new year to you all! Thanks for making my return to sauer a fun one, and can't wait for all the games to come in 2018!

  • Masters

    Срећна нова година
    С новым годом
    Честита нова година
    Srećna nova godina
    Szczęśliwego nowego roku
    Šťastný nový rok
    Srečno novo leto
    Ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος
    Happy New Year
    Gott nytt år
    Frohes neues Jahr
    Felice anno nuovo
    An nou fericit
    سال نو مبارک
    नया साल मुबारक हो
    Urte berri zoriontsua
    Boldog új évet

  • dead this forum is.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • @DipShitStar
    are you still alive? where did you disappear to?)

  • Masters

    pretty nice :) happy new year too

  • Masters

    Спасибо, Юля, с Новым Годом !)

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