Maybe too sexist/downright awful?

  • I'm against abortion... It's not that I'm against killing babies, I just don't think women should be making choices.

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    @psychedelicfish this goes straight into the server :-D

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    Whats a blode girl with coloured hair to brunette? - Faked inteligence.

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    What does a blond girl do in boat with a hole where water flows inside? - She makes another hole, so the water can flow out.

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    @DON awesome, but I'm afraid it will not fit in one line for the server

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    Hehe, anyway I got two other jokes:

    1. Why are girls bringing a leadder to the store? Because they heard that prices are high :)
    2. whats a bag in the ocean filled with a dead woman body? - waste of space, there would fit at least two corps.

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    May I suggest an additional category for jokes too long for the server? I have a few better ones, but they are way too long for the server ;)

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    @DON That's ok, just post all the jokes here :thumbsup_tone1:

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    It's the first day in a monastery for Frank. Another monk is showing Frank the site.
    The monk says: "Here is our Relaxing area. You can have a walk in the park, sit by the river, enjoy the peace everyday, all day long except Thursday."
    Frank says: "Very nice, I like that"

    • They keep going
      The monk says: " Here is our sports site. You can play tennis, golf, visit the gym. Everyday, all day long except Thursday."
      Frank says: " Great! This will make a good balance"
    • They keep going inside
      The monk says: " Here we have our spa. You can use the whirlpool, sauna, have a massage. Everyday, all day long except Thursday."
      Frank says: "wonderful I can't wait spending my time here."
      The monk says: " And now we're going upstairs. Here in that wardrobe, you can go inside and stick your penis inside that hole and you will get a blow job. Everyday and all day, except Thursday."
      Frank says:" Wow its getting better and better. But I have one question - Why can't I do these things on Thursday?
      The monk says: " Because on Thursday it's your shift in the wardrobe."

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    And now to get far below the belt :) :
    Little Amy is going to her father and bagging him for permission to go out:
    Amy: "Daddy, daddy! Please may I go out to the cinema, please?!?"
    Dad says:" No way, its almost nine!"
    "But daddy, daddy, all my friends are going too! Daddy, please!"
    Dad says:" No, this is my final answer"
    "But daddy, please. I will do everything, I swear!"
    Dad says: " Hmmm.... ok. As you want that so much you may go to the cinema with your friends, but only if you give me a blow job...."
    The daughter gives her dad a blow. after 10 minutes she has finished and asking her daddy:
    "But daddy, why was you penis smelling like shit?"
    Dad says: " Thats because your brother wanted to go to the disco."

    Too much? :D

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    @DON FOR FUCKS SAKE :frowning:

  • "WHY DID YOU ESCAPE from prison?" a policeman asks the jail-breaker.
    "I wanted to get married." - "You have quite a strange view of freedom."

  • What is the difference between black humor and food? - Not everybody gets it.

  • What's the difference between a woman coming out of the shower and one coming out of the church? - One has a whole soul of hope and the other one a hole full of soap.

  • A priest hears somebody's confession about anal sex. Since the priest is new in this parish, he asks one of the altar boys about the old priest's judgment about such a matter.
    The altar boy: "Well, he would always give us a few bucks and a chocolate-stick."

  • Why do women have 2 more genes than horses? - Otherwise they would drink the water out of the cleaning bucket.

  • Why do men have 2 more genes than pigs? - Otherwise their tail would curl.

  • She: "Honey, what do you like better - my perfect body or my beautiful face?"
    He: "Your sense of humor."

  • The worst penalty for bigamy is to have two mothers-in-law.

  • A lawyer: "When I was born, the doctor spanked me! - I bet I can manage to get him in jail for sexual harassment!"

  • A man is being arrested by a female police officer, who informs him, "Anything you say can and will be held against you."
    The man replies: "Boobs!"

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