Can anyone explain to me why I got banned?

  • same old thing.. someone says something dumb/controversial, gets banned, then comes here to complain. then arguments like this start, and the original problem is completely ignored in favor of pointless infighting.
    i know it can be hard to ignore a personal attack, but let's stay on topic. besides, starting trouble is exactly what the banned person wants. that is the whole point of saying something unnecessary and controversial.

    Ne cede malis


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    In my opinion it's also a little too hard to ban someone right away for that. I would probably

    1. tell to stop. If he/she continue than
    2. mute. If he/she continue after unmute
    3. jail or kick

    I don't wonder if someone is new to sauer and talks a little shit into the shithole of internet and don't know that we have some rules here. My point is that we shouldn't forget that we don't want the community to shrink more and this could discourage new players right away.
    AenimaNerd at least made the effort to come and ask about that. I think most of the ppl would just say: "Ahhh, fuck that, shit game anyway" and never come back.

  • @DON
    I noticed a consistent pattern. players who complain about the ban here, almost no longer appear. they are authors of one record. some players are not interested in even the answer. about the last record: I have my own observation. I do not believe in repentance and consider all provocations are deliberate. nevertheless you formulated the correct procedure.

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    @julia Very well said!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    @julia That's true. The emotions are high in the minute they have been kicked and than they forget about that and don't care. However, I hope that when we give ppl a chance our community and sauer will live longer :) From time to time new ppl join and stay.
    But I also understand tuta for kicking right away and not bothering with politeness as you usually want to play sauer instead of playing the sauer police :dagger:

  • @DON No, tuta very much likes being Mister Rugby Policeman. As stupid as the police, too.

  • @swatllama
    we realized that you know history well. excellent. we saw that you are well versed in the work of the police. sumptuously. but what do you think about the matter? where is the limit of the permissible? What should we react to? simple example. the next day after this incident, I watched the games. one player wrote that he is happy. there is no Tuta in the game. He was liquidated yesterday by Tuta. I could not resist and replied that today I instead of Tuta ... hmm, he answered me in a very rude form .. oh-la-la ... I just laughed)
    other masters did not react. we are not friends .. but we are doing a common cause. so the discrepancy should be a minimum amount to maintain a balance between discipline and the pleasure of the game process.
    perhaps you think that there should not be any restrictions at all. we do not know this. tell us what do you think)

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    I don't think anybody should be banned for any message. Why don't just ask them to stop and if they do it repeatedly then ban? Especially for politics. Or just ban mentioning all radical ideologies if you must ban, not selectively.

  • Seriously, you're talking about the same shit over and over again. the answer is obvious, isnt it?
    You don't kick someone when they say something restricted by rules, you first kindly ask to stop and explain that it's restricted. if it's not helping, you mute them. if it becomes repetitive and the player tries to avoid muting system, you ban this player.

    For masters, especially tuta:
    you guys are masters for a reason - you keep the server clean by acting professionally. the server is popular, it's not a private vaq-like server where admins can do whatever they like, it's a public server with some rules. I guess you guys have your internal forum where masters have their rules explained but even without having access to this place, any master on rigatoni should understand that professionalism is the first thing which they should stick to while acting on the server/forum. professionalism is the thing when you dont put your own interests higher the main server rules, when you don't act considering your emotions towards the person.

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