Hi all.. Fennec is here!

  • Hi, glad to see this forum !
    So... here i can chat calmly with all Rugby- Sauerplayers !
    Nice !

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    @Fennec we are glad to see you

  • Hey Julia ! Thanks! How are you? Many time i don't see you.... i think more or less 1 hour ahaha LOL !

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    :) i like funny guys

  • Really? :) ---

  • i would like to meet some of you guys also on FB. I'm planning to open a Pasta-group or something like that on FB .

  • This post is deleted!

  • As long as there is Discord, there is no need in a FB group :P
    wb, @Fennec

  • yep, right . i'm on discord now ( thanks to Gustavo)

  • Fennec interface and gameplay ! https://vimeo.com/262752966

  • fast zoom is all ! https://vimeo.com/262755639

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    Welcome Fennec..... Nice to see "old" faces again!!!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    @Fennec no rifle. does it give you an advantage?

  • @Shag said in Hi all.. Fennec is here!:

    Welcome Fennec..... Nice to see "old" faces again!!!
    Ahah thank you mate!

  • @julia Yes, it's basic! A larger screen area to check and much more focus on crossair !

  • I more wonder how one can play sauer with maxroll turned on (/maxroll 0 to turn it off in case you didn't know how) :D
    I like your kill skull crosshair though it's insta-only

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    @Fennec yellow crossair for yellow opponents .. I must to read the theory of color again))

  • @julia LOL ! No it's the best possible, believe me. I made this crossair right to this setup. It consists of 2 circles, Green in the center and a red external ring. This way i can see it perfectly in every maps and situations. Tested :)

  • Well, Fennec is one person who won't be needing any custom rifle skins from me :\

    Ne cede malis


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    @Ao1-Pointblank show me your rifles, please

  • @julia 0_1522669760875_screenshot_11317.png 0_1522669773843_screenshot_45179.png 0_1522669790961_screenshot_18478.png 0_1522669803869_screenshot_40213.png 0_1522669817915_screenshot_58846.png 0_1522669825103_screenshot_62806.png 0_1522669835278_screenshot_76122.png 0_1522669843005_screenshot_89744.png

    i have several other versions, including green, pink, and other variants of orange and black.
    i can put text and small images on the sides of the rifles
    several sauer players are already using skins i made, including: Negus, arCABAL, razvan, AriKani, and myself :D
    i am willing to make just about any design (within reason) for anyone interested. (i will also help you install it, but i may not be very helpful with certain operating systems)

    Ne cede malis


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