Hi all.. Fennec is here!

  • @julia 0_1522669760875_screenshot_11317.png 0_1522669773843_screenshot_45179.png 0_1522669790961_screenshot_18478.png 0_1522669803869_screenshot_40213.png 0_1522669817915_screenshot_58846.png 0_1522669825103_screenshot_62806.png 0_1522669835278_screenshot_76122.png 0_1522669843005_screenshot_89744.png

    i have several other versions, including green, pink, and other variants of orange and black.
    i can put text and small images on the sides of the rifles
    several sauer players are already using skins i made, including: Negus, arCABAL, razvan, AriKani, and myself :D
    i am willing to make just about any design (within reason) for anyone interested. (i will also help you install it, but i may not be very helpful with certain operating systems)

    Ne cede malis


  • the skins i am showing here are the un-personalized versions i sent to players.. without text/names on them

    well, except this green one and my orange rifle.

    Ne cede malis


  • @Fennec Sorry Fen, this topic has turned into shameless advertising :s
    (but hey, the skins are free. just tell me what you want :D)
    perhaps the best way to contact me is through Discord, add me @ Ao1|Pointblank#2256

    Ne cede malis


  • @miu thanks , yes .. the skull it's the only "hit. png" i found so cool ( and yes.. i play only insta cft). About maxroll... i thought you meant max fov!! What can do maxroll 0? I don't remember at the moment !

  • @Ao1-Pointblank " As i say in game: "no problemo" ! Go on istead...i like this stuff! :D


  • @Fennec said in Hi all.. Fennec is here!:

    What can do maxroll 0? I don't remember at the moment !

    right now your movements looks like your are a boat on waves. your body rocks left/right when you strafe (press left/right).

    Check in game what's set for this parameter (type /maxroll) to make sure you can set it back if you don't like it disabled. then set to 0

  • @miu ahh ok, thanks. . But i already set maxroll 0 in game but nothing changed

  • it did. set it to /maxroll 2 and move left/right with a keyboard. then set it back to 0 and check the difference

  • @miu ahh ok, now i see. Ok, it's clear but.. you know what, i'm worse with maxroll 0 LOL! A training Bot is destroying me now ahaha ! Anyway thanks i'll test this deeply

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