Applying for auth on Rigatoni

  • Hello, most of you already know me, so this should be quick:
    As many of you have noticed, there have been tons of cheaters on Rig lately, and quite often there is no one around to deal with them. Well, considering how often I am online, and also taking into account that I am familiar with almost all the frequenters of the server, I think I am a decent candidate for auth/master. I will be on-call via discord at certain hours that other masters are not available at. From me, you can expect responsible and professional oversight of the server, and decisive handling of obvious cheaters. I'm not asking for auth because I want it, but because I am willing to use my time and knowledge of the playerbase to to keep the games running smooth.
    The decision is in your hands, and I will not be offended if you decline my offer. That is all ^^

    Ne cede malis


  • Pointblank would be an awesome auth

  • Masters

    I thought you already had auth. I am totally for it but I think this is dead... probably a discord thing now?

  • Masters

    @a_theory I mean this forum. In fact, it's a different server now altogether but it just took the config.

    i think though really i have no idea

  • Masters

    I am also in favour of approving your application. You have always been a level headed player.

  • +1 iff you give me your key to share.

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