• hello my name is cody ive been playing sauer since 2007 and il think il be a good master there as been a lot of hackers in sauer lately. i play rigatoni daily and i know some master like shag hamon pointblank a monster julia a monster ive been his friend since 2009 when i was in crowd my name in game used to be cody_wales_uk and now itd =DKa=Cody~uk. thank you cody.

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    it's nice to see you at the last month)

  • what julia

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    A player with this name plays less than a month. maybe you took a break

  • yea i took a break my name now is DKacody~ukl my farther is lee-wales-uk i used to play psl sauerleage daily and now im starting to play rigatoni daily now i was rank 700 and now beacause im =DKa=cody~uk now ive gone back down to 12000

  • @cody_wales_uk If you're from the UK, you should go back to school.

  • maybe he doesn't know where commas are placed on the keyboard. I remember his father, he's a long term player

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    I am not seeing you regularly. Only this last few weeks. .Maybe we are playing different times?

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