[Suggestion] Restrict Rugby Passes to Improve Gameplay

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    @Sweeper You have stated your opinion that you think Rugby is broken.... That does not mean it is so....... You have stated reasons... some of which I applaud.... the end result is that the Server is as empty as I have ever seen it, and the few that have frequented it have mostly said they do not like the recent changes...... These people do not have to justify WHY they do not like it... they simply state that FACT and don't play any more..... Not sure if that's what you all had in mind?????

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  • @Shag
    All that I see are people who want effortless wins, because they call that fun.
    But as John G. Bennet said:
    "It is impossible to reach the aim without suffering."

    It is alright, if somebody does not want to invest time into a game. However, then there are only 3 options left.

    1. Accept that you will lose many games and be happy with that.
    2. Cheat.
    3. Uninstall the game.

    Rugby falls into the second category. A free server sided cheat for noobs. Unlike racing, which is really a new gamemode, rugby is just ictf + a flag cheat. That is comparable to ictf + a free triggerbot for everyone, although that would be less gamebreaking than rugby. You know, it is actually funny, that I who gets the most accusations, am the only one who wishes for fair games without adds these days.

    And if the server is empty, that just shows how stupid some of these guys are. The benefit of Rigatoni was never the gamemode or the ping. It is simply the fact, that it is hosted by trustworthy and resonable people, while many other servers in this game are hosted by notorious cheaters and cyber criminals. Let them play there, let them experience the consequences. I just hope that the sheep will smile until the end, no matter what kind of shit will happen.

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    @Sweeper said in [Suggestion] Restrict Rugby Passes to Improve Gameplay:

    And if the server is empty, that just shows how stupid some of these guys are.

    This has to be the epitome of how short sighted you 3 or 4 wankers are..... You have killed a Server with your shit ....... The server is empty because no one wants to play your stupid assed passing fuckwit Game..... Unbelievable stoooooop[id... sorry Sweeps... but this is an EPIC FAIL

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    Juliia's Post shows exactly what you have achieved........ EPIC FAIL.......

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  • At least I know now, who stands on which side.
    You can go to hell shag. Together with Julia and all these other guys.

  • I can see how the original suggestion would be awkward. I haven't tested.
    If it's not working, try miu's.

    Good thing with killing the server btw, shit server.

  • меньше эмоций. litmus paper ... people open their content when difficulties arise

  • @benzomatic In my personal opinion: Many players just don’t work as a team. Team chats are always full of other players asking for support in flag defense, assaulting the enemy base or begging their teammates to spread around the map so the flag can be passed around. The smarter opponent simply takes advantage of the disorganized opponent and scores. Without forward passes, certain maps would be very hard for a team of average players to play. Forward passes are sometimes the only way to avoid map campers/snipers, especially when they are hard to locate and frag. I am unsure whether this is a good idea or not.

  • As I understood, obst decided to try something else despite all our suggestions. Though I am not sure if there was something else, maybe there was.

    @Shag, please, chill. It's a testing period, give it some time. Whatever changes obst made, he just wanted to see if it worked. It wasnt the final decision.

    It'd be better if @Obstriegel participated in the discussion here, gave some arguments or ideas. Anything. Come here, @Obstriegel, come!

  • @Fritz_Fokker I agree that without passing it would be harder to do a normal flagrun and score. But let's not forget, actually no passing at all has been the standard for like always, and Rugby has just simplified the game immensely. It's not surprising that experimenting to change that might upset lots of people who didn't ever play ictf like it was meant to be played.

    However this isn't the end-all be-all. Many nice suggestions have arisen in this thread, and I'm eager to try those out as well, soon.

    Right now the rules have been adapted to suggestions again and go as followed:

    • a set max-passing distance depending on map size, but possible into all directions
    • the flagholder now sees everyone he can pass to with an overhead indicator

    Maybe this already works better than before, maybe it doesn't. If all goes wrong everything can still be changed back as well. While I see that everyone is very passionate about their preferences, I don't think personal attacks will help either of our cases, so let's be patient and keep trying out new stuff instead :slight_smile:

  • Best server for 3 years, killed in 3 days ...

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    are you happy?

  • @Obstriegel I'm always happy. by the way. some players do not like rugby mode. Can you give them the opportunity to turn off the pass? they can play without a green nimbus)
    essence of the idea: players choose the mode for themselves. it's a bit chaotic. but this will make the game more difficult. perhaps, the dispute between pointed and blunt will end with someone's victory)

  • I think that the range is still a bit too far. However, it is better than the old unrestricted version. One thing that I noticed is that sometimes I see the green symbols without having the flag. I wonder if that is a bug.

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    This distance limit is total shit, please restore original passing rules. It had it's problems no doubt, but still was infinitely better than this.
    You can't plan your passes at all like this and then what's the point.

    And before someone comes with "but muh flagruns" and "but muh skills", I play to have fun and not to masturbate over how great I am cause I did the same route the 10000th time but now 2 milliseconds faster, wow.

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    Right, you masturbate when you get into the enemy base and score 5 flags in a row by doing nothing.

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    I am not a very fast flagrunner. I also play for fun. And well the adrenaline rush when you run away with a flag and enemies following you is what makes ctf so much fun. This is restored now a bit but still you can do quite long successful passes. On most maps where you can't see from flag to flag the passes are not even that long in any case.

    I have another idea. We can also replace the rifle with a water gun. Does zero damage and in the end all get 10 flag points for playing the game for fun. No more losers, everyone is a winner @negus

  • @Obstriegel everything is fine. you are in the right direction

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    @miu and others who support the idea of a 5 seconds no-passing rule:

    I don't think it would work. Basically the original idea was to completely disallow forward passing because a flagrunner should move and not camp in the enemy base. If you think about face-capture and take reload time into account, one could still just stay in the flag room with a chainsaw killing whoever comes through the teleporter.
    Scoring would still happen almost instantly. Add a few seconds for someone to receive the flag to get into position to the reload time and you would not feel any change imposed by this rule.

    Sorry for responding so late, I wrote a long long text but then chose to restart my computer and lost it and did not bother to write everything again because all of you already addressed the problems and or benefits of those changes.

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