[Suggestion] Restrict Rugby Passes to Improve Gameplay

  • Best server for 3 years, killed in 3 days ...

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    are you happy?

  • @Obstriegel I'm always happy. by the way. some players do not like rugby mode. Can you give them the opportunity to turn off the pass? they can play without a green nimbus)
    essence of the idea: players choose the mode for themselves. it's a bit chaotic. but this will make the game more difficult. perhaps, the dispute between pointed and blunt will end with someone's victory)

  • I think that the range is still a bit too far. However, it is better than the old unrestricted version. One thing that I noticed is that sometimes I see the green symbols without having the flag. I wonder if that is a bug.

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    This distance limit is total shit, please restore original passing rules. It had it's problems no doubt, but still was infinitely better than this.
    You can't plan your passes at all like this and then what's the point.

    And before someone comes with "but muh flagruns" and "but muh skills", I play to have fun and not to masturbate over how great I am cause I did the same route the 10000th time but now 2 milliseconds faster, wow.

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    Right, you masturbate when you get into the enemy base and score 5 flags in a row by doing nothing.

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    I am not a very fast flagrunner. I also play for fun. And well the adrenaline rush when you run away with a flag and enemies following you is what makes ctf so much fun. This is restored now a bit but still you can do quite long successful passes. On most maps where you can't see from flag to flag the passes are not even that long in any case.

    I have another idea. We can also replace the rifle with a water gun. Does zero damage and in the end all get 10 flag points for playing the game for fun. No more losers, everyone is a winner @negus

  • @Obstriegel everything is fine. you are in the right direction

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    @miu and others who support the idea of a 5 seconds no-passing rule:

    I don't think it would work. Basically the original idea was to completely disallow forward passing because a flagrunner should move and not camp in the enemy base. If you think about face-capture and take reload time into account, one could still just stay in the flag room with a chainsaw killing whoever comes through the teleporter.
    Scoring would still happen almost instantly. Add a few seconds for someone to receive the flag to get into position to the reload time and you would not feel any change imposed by this rule.

    Sorry for responding so late, I wrote a long long text but then chose to restart my computer and lost it and did not bother to write everything again because all of you already addressed the problems and or benefits of those changes.

  • Yes, @Obstriegel, you are kinda right about face capture. how about simply restricting flag passes from some perimeter around the flag, say 5 meters (3 dead bodies laying straight in line). it should suffice. I still like the timeout thingy. maybe not 5s but 3s. this should work well along with the area restriction.

    Restriction by direction isn't easy to understand for people who care about nothing but the result: a scored flag. Actually, timeout, too. But logically it, at least, is more understandable.

    The whole topic and the ideas listed in it took way too far. Like people mentioned here already, the whole rugby mode is simply broken. You can't really fix its broken things, you can complicate them but it doesn't mean the mode will be less broken. Let it be the way it was since the beginning, people used to have it like this, they used to fight noobs who try to pass flags on cn/fc from base to base. That's part of the rugby gameplay.

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    Rugby is a fun mode and I am happy that many people participated in the early testing and did not just run away.
    For me the funniest mode is with inverted flags and there are many other players who agree with that.

    It sparked something I have not seen in sauer ever: Pack play. When the flags were inverted, I thought at first it would be shitty because you see the runner always on the radar. Both flags are taken all the time as you grab the enemy flag in your base.
    But people started to run in groups and did actually play as a team which was awesome. Even the best 100% accurate player can't stop a group of 5 running together with the flag instantly.
    Hell this is fun.

    On the other hand I also felt that it might be too much at once so we went back to classic normal flag placement (for now :smile: )

    @miu despite the negative comments (those who are happy sadly do not sign up here to post) things are going well now. And you should also try the current implementation. I see on the tracker you played 2 games maybe since February on that server so pls excuse me if your opinion does not weight that much here.

    Even some people who were really loud and angry are now happy with it.
    alt text

    In the last days I played some games which were a lot of fun. People just relocate the spots where they wait for a flag, like on hallo players still jump on the roof of the church but others now wait for the flag maybe in the house next to the bridge instead of just in the other base. Also sometimes people pass the flag 4 or 5 times now in one run and I think the indicators help to encourage passing among new players who are not familiar with the whole mod.

  • Ok, "flagscore massacres" really don't occur all that much. When they do, we move on to the next map. The fact that occasionally that they DO occur doesn't mean that rugby is broken. So the recent changes are born out of a minority who don't like that they occur at all. That's pretty much it.

    It would be great if the recent changes were reverted, and the original rugby rules were left in place.

    But we all know that isn't going to happen. :-|

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  • "Rugby falls into the second category. A free server sided cheat for noobs."

    Not even close. What gets me is the (repeated) claim that these flagscore massacres are dominating the game. They are not. Not even close. I really don't see it occurring all that much, and I play quite a bit. And it isn't "cheating" unless the game is dominated by the occurrence of the "cheat."

    So when will people at least acknowledge that one little fact? The new restrictive mode is unnecessary. A bandage on a wound that doesn't exist.

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  • @gibby You did not seem to understand what we wrote. Try again.

  • @Obstriegel - Not everyone is happy with it. I guess my opinion will matter less in the weeks to come since I've been playing a lot less.

    First, ogros.org went away, now pastaland (quality-wise) is going away.

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  • @Sweeper Think I understand just fine.

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    @gibby When the original rugby was put in place also not all people said "uhhh wow this is what we needed the last ten years. It is perfect and we want it to stay like this."

    You can see in gustavos code that he even tried this inverted flag thing. But that is something which would not work with forward passing at all.

    I just think the whole thing was never finished and one could try out something new. Once again the goal is to improve the fun for everyone.

    Honzik1 pointed me to some stats in the sauertracker where he wanted to show that people pass less now. It is indeed true for some maps like akroseum. But overall it did not change much and also did not change the outcome of completely unbalanced games.

    If you care about the mass of people... they don't even know what rugby is and they do not pass at all. Did not, do not now so nothing changed for them besides they might see it more visible on their screens now.

    Finally, yes, come online and play it before you just rant. I have played the changed modes at least 10 to 15 hours already and I also ask the people if they like it or not. Just now I asked again, mostly Germans online...
    alt text
    (in response to my question if it is ok... "what does the green rays do appearing for some?", "it is quite good now :)")

    alt text
    ("ah good idea")
    ("ah ok thanks, yes I agree with it")

    But no matter what. I am here and I am happy that you guys try out this stuff with us. Please keep up the discussion. It is just hard for me to "measure" what is the overall opinion about it. I don't think a poll here would be representative for all players so I try to be online as much as I can and listen to what users say.

  • @Obstriegel Well. I'm not a flagrunner. but I welcome the idea of complicating the game. players must understand that they must fight for every flag. players must to understand that they need to protect the flagrunner and render their life, if necessary. players must to start to think and monitor the movement of each team member. Obst, thank you. perhaps you will make a standard of server. my only remark: the green glow a little prevents me from shooting, if the flag appears in my hands suddenly)

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    I agree 100% with @gibby , the problems with the original passing rule are greatly exaggerated.

    Inverted flags does sound interesting though...

  • @negus It's not that the problems with the original passing rule are overly exaggerated, it's just how easy it can be on open maps like wdcd. The offense gets a serious boost, thus leaving very little room for error for flag defending, which requires teamwork... or very good skills.

    That's just about it, though. As far as I can tell, there are many maps aside from the open ones that can be played... and then there are maps like xenon that makes rugby almost a damn blessing.



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