Rigatony auth application

  • Hey there!

    Been playing this game for several years now. Early nicks were: KImre,turulHAARP maybe some of you remember them on Demophobia.
    I would say i'm finally pretty good at the game so i can make non-biased decisions in regard if somebody is using a non-allowed tool or not. Other reason is that i play on Rigatony a lot and sometimes there is/are cheater(s) or a griefer on the server but no auth available(this happened today as well...). In those cases me having auth would come in handy. No,i'm not gonna share the key with anybody,don't want to get myself into trouble.

    Those are my reasons for the application. Hoping for the best.
    Thanks for reading.


    Hereby i withdraw my application for personal reasons. I apologize to everyone who was taking its part in the evaluation process and apologize to those who had faith in me and wanted me as a master on the server.

  • Masters

    Hello @Tengrichan

    It is sad to hear that you gave up on your application. I hope you are well and in a good mood.
    Sadly I have to inform you that the application process cannot be stopped anymore.

    You agreed to the end user license agreement(EULA) of this website and on the server called Rigatoni Rugby. In section 7 paragraph 13b you agreed on dedicating your life towards the pasta empire and handing us your first born male child should you write an application.

    Breaching the contract and cancelling your application can result in headaches, bleeding, ass bleeding, painful diarrhea, cramps and blurred vision, itching ears and fingers, tinnitus and or sexual arousal by looking at goats.

    Have a nice day.

  • Masters

    @Obstriegel „sexual arousal by looking at goats“? This is not bad thing by default. It can be cure for old people. Source of eternal youth is in the EULA.

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