[Rigatoni update] questionable map voting

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    on the Rigatoni server there is now a questionable map pool in place.

    It consists of the following maps:
    gubo, frostbyte, killcore3, duomo, infamy, kopenhagen, xenon, asgard, tortuga

    The server will not suggest two maps from it at the same time or suggest one from it in case of a tie. You can still suggest and vote for them any time.
    But it is not possible for users to vote for two maps from this pool at the same time. The server will then discard one and provide an alternative. This is to prevent people from voting for a combination of them intentionally to "kill" the server.

    As a reminder the server also uses "big maps" and "small maps" pools and suggests those based on the current number of players.

    As always, feedback is very welcome. Please test it as I have tested it only for 5 minutes :)

    Happy fragging,

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    excellent. the choice of "frostbyte-killcore3" was terrible for me :)

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    finally a change that sounds good from the start :))
    although it's a bit surprising to me that asgard is questionable

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