Are there rules for Pastaland?

  • Besides no cheating, are there rules? Like what you can or can't say in chat? Or things you can't do while in a game?

  • Masters

    spam, calls for extremism, insulting the feelings of believers, insulting on the basis of nationality, bad names, insulting and insubordination to administrators . insulting the players.....and here is another nuance .. I want to ask you, can you distinguish provocations from infantilism?
    you must understand that the game is a territory for people who came to show all the best that they can do. leave your negative outside the game. you have other opportunities to discuss real problems and demonstrate your ego.

  • What about racial and homophobic slurs? Is it more of a grey area there?

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    men will answer you this question.

  • Racial: It's only offensive if it's against black people or jews. Everyone else is fair game because we treat everyone equally you dumb russian.

    Homphobia is encouraged, again, for equality. Of religions! Worship The Great Udder or die!

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    True swatllama. Everyone is free to offend Russians. Btw, Race, Russia, Rascia (name of my country), Britania, Partia/Persia, France, and more are all by etymology words (words "word" and "world" are included in group) made from word RT, spelled in English like this - earth, meaning land, soil.

  • @Blonded
    We have rules for such occasions.
    However, you are not a master on this server. In the case that you posses a gauth, your rules are different.
    The gauth is specifified as a tool to ban cheaters and griefers. It is not a tool to moderate a server.
    Its usage has restrictions and I would not advise, that you use it to ban every wayward child out there.

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    @Blonded probably you want to know that you can not kill your team members for fun. also you can not switch teams to kill the flagrunner. I have to remind you that you can not hide the flag without the need for several minutes and do not give both teams a chance to increase the score
    I have one more request. guys. do not jump the whole game in the dressing room))) (europium, berlin_wall and so on) why did you come into the game?

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