[Suggestion] Receiver ("reverse passing") indicator

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    Since I now see that passing distance limits are probably here to stay (still dislike tho), here is a suggestion to make it better:
    Also show an indicator on the flagholder to the teammates when the flagholder is in passing distance for that teammate.
    In other words, if someone from my team (who is not me) holds the flag, show an indicator on them to me if she can pass the flag to me.
    By indicator, I mean the green light effect. This should not be the same color however, maybe try purple or yellow? Idk.

    Why is this good?

    1. This way when I try to receive, I see if I can stop&wait for pass or have to move closer. Some awkward situations occurred when I didn't know how much closer should I move, or should I move closer at all. And there is really no time for figuring out this when the flagholder is being chased.
    2. Makes it much easier for people to get a feel for the passing distance on the different maps.
    3. Makes the passing game mechanic more visible, and maybe more people will know about it and use it.

    Oh, and while you are at it, can you please increase the distance on akroseum by about 20%? What I would like is if I jump from the jumppad in the corner behind the hills towards the base with the "water house" then I should be able to pass down the flag to someone standing on that base from the highest point of my trajectory. Currently I can only pass down a little time after I start falling, and it doesn't have that good feel like this.

    Edit: 3rd request, because why not: please publish the current rigatoni source code (the changes from the already public spaghettimod). This used to be public in the Pastaland times but not anymore... :(

  • Indicator for non flag holders is a nice suggestion, would help player plan a little better

  • When I read "reverse passing" I thought it was about stealing flags from flagholders by simply shooting them :D
    and I even liked it :)
    sometimes it's annoying when the flagholder is being too busy with keeping themself alive that doesnt notice that the flag is returned already. In such cases I feel (and I am sure I am not the only one) like killing that guy and scoring the flag. Anyway, the idea I mentioned is bad, it's just fun thinking about it, also it's good for flagstealers who would wait on the base to catch the flag to score even though the flagholder wanted to score it too.

    What about shooting the flagholder to make his mouse vibrate so he sees you wait for the flag get passed to you? I mean when you shoot you don't kill but draw a green line so he sees you (ofc with the initial idea implemented too, which I also like). The third shot kills the flagholder so they cant troll their mates by not scoring the flag on purpose.

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    Nice idea Negus! I like it.

  • @negus said in [Suggestion] Receiver ("reverse passing") indicator:

    Edit: 3rd request, because why not: please publish the current rigatoni source code (the changes from the already public spaghettimod). This used to be public in the Pastaland times but not anymore... :(

    The original Pastaland modules can be found on Gustavo's github.

    Furthermore, you can check out the additional spaghettimod scripts I created on my github.
    Some of those are (maybe in a modified version) also currently active on Rigatoni Rugby, e.g. the code for the altered Rugby versions.

    If you need anything else, I guess obst has to publish it. But I think the above links can help you out already :slight_smile:

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    @benzomatic Yes, I know about that repo, thats the code I use to run the Spirit of Pasta server. Didn't see your codes yet, will check it out. I asked for the current riga source to be able to update my server to run the same scripts so as to serve as backup to rigatoni (like when riga/pastaland was being repeatedly ddos'd).

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    Again in English: The current pasta sauce does not allow for this feature as the server is too slow for it. It peaks at 80% cpu when both flags are taken. Calculating and displaying indicators for each player in those situations would cause everyone to lag with the current implementation.

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