[Suggestion] Receiver ("reverse passing") indicator

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    @miu чудесное качество)..а ты занимаешься макросъемкой?

  • @julia не-не, эта фотка не моя. я как бы тоже занимаюсь фотографией (уже не так активно), но у меня нет такой хорошей камеры для макро. Я больше по такому (ссылка).

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    @miu дуотон великолепен. особенно дождь и туман

  • @julia спасибо! :art:

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    O gòspodi ! Niet vnedrit indikatr wasmoshni takak komp'juter medlenno.

    vozmózhno pozdnée!


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    Nice idea Negus! I like it.

  • @negus said in [Suggestion] Receiver ("reverse passing") indicator:

    Edit: 3rd request, because why not: please publish the current rigatoni source code (the changes from the already public spaghettimod). This used to be public in the Pastaland times but not anymore... :(

    The original Pastaland modules can be found on Gustavo's github.

    Furthermore, you can check out the additional spaghettimod scripts I created on my github.
    Some of those are (maybe in a modified version) also currently active on Rigatoni Rugby, e.g. the code for the altered Rugby versions.

    If you need anything else, I guess obst has to publish it. But I think the above links can help you out already :slight_smile:

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    @benzomatic Yes, I know about that repo, thats the code I use to run the Spirit of Pasta server. Didn't see your codes yet, will check it out. I asked for the current riga source to be able to update my server to run the same scripts so as to serve as backup to rigatoni (like when riga/pastaland was being repeatedly ddos'd).

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    Again in English: The current pasta sauce does not allow for this feature as the server is too slow for it. It peaks at 80% cpu when both flags are taken. Calculating and displaying indicators for each player in those situations would cause everyone to lag with the current implementation.

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