Why I'm Such a Meanie to Auths

  • As the title suggests, I'm going to be explaining my aggressive behavior to auth/admins and hopefully putting to rest claims that people have made saying that I hate the sauer community. Sorry if it is disorganized or hard to follow, I'm np writer. I'm just going to write out my opinions. (scary word to some people)

    So I've been told by Obstriegel that I was not accepted as an auth for the server because (to quote loosely), "people are scared of what you [me] might do". I don't know who these people are that are afraid of me, nor do I know what they think I could possibly do.

    I believe being an auth is all about being fair to people (some people think niceness is a qualifying trait for auth.. it is only an optional plus for me).
    I think that every auth should punish offenders for what they have done, not for how much that particular auth dislikes them. By this I mean that someone should not get a longer ban simply because the admin doesn't like them personally.
    It also means that a spammer or rude person does not deserve a kick, only a mute. In my opinion, kicks should be reserved for teamkillers and cheaters, and pbans (or just bans with very distant expiration dates) only for the most serious of cheaters.
    I think that auths should be able to keep their cool and stay professional in all circumstances, i.e. no ragekicking in the middle of a heated debate. Auths should not expect respect from everyone, and shouldn't get upset when they aren't treated nicely. Yes, the people insulting them might be in the wrong, but they have every right to be rude. And they should not be kicked until they interfere with gameplay.
    Yes, it is difficult, but self restraint is an important virtue for masters.

    Since masters are judge, jury and executioner so to speak, it is vital that they are reliable, predictable, unbiased, and prepared for the worst.
    The reason I think we need stricter rules for masters is because if you have no standards... you will get ugly results (as we do now). And if some masters refuse to follow a good, fair set of rules, it lowers the integrity of the entire group. You masters are leaders whether you like it or not. Act the part, for everyone's sake.

    I don't personally hate any masters that I can think of, but I know that many could be doing a better job. My aggressive criticism stems from the fact that I believe the masters are not meeting the high standards they should be.

    Ok... I could have kept spewing rhetoric and opinions but i forgot where i was going with this. I hope at least one or two people get some ideas about this and... I don't know.... learn some new server commands or something useful.
    I don't expect this to change people's opinion of me too much or make them suddenly trust me. I just like to get my honest thoughts out here, even if no one cares.
    Regarding my auth application, that was made many months ago and I don't play rugby nearly as much as I did then. I had applied because no one seemed to know how to handle cheaters with VPNs and I thought I could lend a hand. Those cheaters have since gotten bored of rugby and moved on, and I have as well.
    Good luck out there, masters. And remember: people are looking to you to take care of the server. :D <-- mandatory emote

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  • I personally hate most of the r̶e̶t̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ masters.

  • Taters gonn' tate.
    It's unfortunate that I can't see who downvotes posts. I hope they write their own list of principals / standards for masters so we can see why they disapprove of mine. Something tells me they have no standards though :p

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  • Masters

    help me make the right translation, please

  • You are able to use a pretty well moderated server that is cheat free, without spending a single coin.
    For that service, we demand only good behavoir.
    You are once again confusing the cause and the effect.
    As long as you try to behave like an adult person, you can not get punished for anything. If you get punished, you made a mistake. It is a pretty easy concept.
    There is a pretty high number of immature people in this game, but that will not result into a lowering of our high standards towards players. If 50% behave badly, 50% will be punished.
    If you do not like that, you can surely find a server without any rules, on which you can play instead.
    There are still plenty of mature people who thank us for the strict moderation, because they absolutely have no patience for the childish behavoir of certain people. Especially after a hard work day, or if they have own children to parent. I also find it quite interesting, that you are defending offenders rather than the victims who have to endure their idiocy day by day. Your way of moderating the server would thus be a protection of offenders and a punishment of normal players. Double standards.
    Let me assure you, that we have fair rules for pretty much everything.
    The reason for the impression of arbitrariness is rather that certain masters are too soft and do not properly apply the rules. As a consequence, the people who actually do apply the rules , seem to be cruel at times.

  • I agree with Ao1 about the way the master should act. I was (still am, but inactive) a master on PSL and I always acted exactly that way.

    The reason for the impression of arbitrariness is rather that certain masters are too soft and do not properly apply the rules. (said by Sweeper)

    I believe it's more about how often it happens, how active the 'certain' masters are.
    When most of the time only 2 masters do the server business for other people it'll look like all the masters do that business.

  • I agree with what you wrote in the first half about how masters should act etc., because that's pretty much common sense, and it almost looks like the master rules post we have in the masters section.

    if you have no standards... you will get ugly results (as we do now).

    With a group of 40+ masters, there are discrepancies when it comes to judgement. But that's why there are master guidelines, and I think they are mostly being followed. If there is negative feedback or specific complaints, that is being considered and talked about. You make it seem like "the vast majority" (most masters) are horrific, and that there are no standards, both of which isn't true.

    if some masters refuse to follow a good, fair set of rules, it lowers the integrity of the entire group

    Actually, you are the guy who keeps painting everyone as incompetent because of two or three lackers. If you just called out the masters you think are so bad, we could discuss this with them and improve the situation for everyone.

    Also fyi, my personal opinion regarding your auth app wasn't that I thought you're running some conspiratorical agenda against Sauerbraten servers, but rather that if you can't even fix your own ping, you shouldn't be in a position to judge others' pings and pj's. I hope that is also in line with your own standards you described here.

  • I agree with Ao1 regarding his opinions on punishments, spammers shouldn’t be kicked as a mute will prevent it. They are not effecting the gameplay itself and is easily prevented without going to the extent of kicking. A kick seems fair to repeat offenders of team killing and a ban for cheaters. Also, as Benz said it’s common sense that a master should be fair and respectful towards players and to make sure they feel like they are in a safe environment.

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    @Ao1-Pointblank " I had applied because no one seemed to know how to handle cheaters with VPNs and I thought I could lend a hand. "
    hahaha looks like we have an expert here. you know nothing and you cannot do anything besides making a situation worse.

    If some noob like you would start to ban IP ranges the server would be empty very quickly. That is my fear. Again you should let mommy schmier your Butterbrot and go to school.

    Also please stop spreading lies as if I would have chosen all the masters.... In the other thread you say you loved the server so much in the past. When the alternative server was born people feared that I would kick everyone and install people I like instead.
    There was a problem with one single person that's it. The rest are still the same people from your "favorite" server.

    Either they are dead or they voted against you, get over it.

    Or you keep crying, which is also fine as no masters or admins read this forum. After all it was an early decision that I am the only admin who will talk to you. So it is my duty to listen.The others stay in the background but they work for you and keep the server running.

    Internally there is some discussion going on about enforcing rules. But what is it really that bothers you? Is everyone there running around "HEIL HITLER!", are they cheating 24/7? I join the server now and then and I do not see anything too bad besides some BlurP preaching nazicissim (spelling intended).

    Make screenshots, copy logs, show how bad the masters and the community are. Name the cheaters! You want to help? Then give us something to work with and do not babble shit. Maybe then we see a need to act. Otherwise, please go to school.

  • Actually, you're the cuck who told the tee kids that I was trolling them, so fuck you, never get master.

  • The only problem I see being pointed out is that the server isn't being monitored by auths 24/7. Plus, shit happens, just not all the time.

    But by all honesty, what kind of person would be willing to babysit the players all the time? It's not a paid job. Obviously an auth is not going to be active all the time, because they'd have more important things to do.

    I'm sure much would be a lot more smooth if people help the auths help them, like Obst said.



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    @Ao1-Pointblank Can you list the masters who are not doing what you suggested in the original post?

    I guess this thread is because of the gauth that banned XD~ and it is not really anything to do with Rigatoni itself? Or am I wrong?

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    @Springbok This thread is just here so he has another place to cry because he got rejected for the master team.
    Because he is a toxic piece of shit. Simply no teamplayer. How could you even work together with someone who dislikes everything you do and talks shit all the time?

  • @Obstriegel You could not be more wrong. People that actually know me will tell you I am not normally like this. And I can assure you, I have had doubts about your administration choices since the days of Kita-X and CC|Mikey. It has nothing to do with my auth application not going through. That was simply one of the many straws that broke the camel's back. I can assure you, I will also record any future cases of auth abuse i see, although as i have said earlier, I don't play a lot of rugby anymore. Also, banning IP ranges is not the simplest way to keep cheaters with VPNs from ruining matches.

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  • @swatllama And i would gladly do the same thing again. I won't stand for some weird guy trolling literal 12 year olds that can barely speak english. Although, you did teach them a pretty good lesson about liars and fakes. Hopefully they will be more careful about choosing their recruits.

    Ne cede malis


  • @Springbok Almost every auth has made a poor decision at some point. Most of them are minor enough to be forgiven, but they build up. With a distinct system of rules, even minor mistakes could be avoided. I don't understand how having to babysit every day is an excuse for not doing the best job you can do.... but ok.
    Just because the job they signed up for doesn't pay and is boring does not make it ok to do it poorly simply out of laziness to do otherwise (laziness to learn the server commands, laziness to give people more chances / warnings, laziness to balance first, laziness to stay in spec and lock the server to make sure only trusted players get in when cheaters are on the prowl, etc)
    If crying and complaining is what i must do to bring attention to these issues, so be it.

    Ne cede malis


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    Oprichnik is a man of the guard created by Ivan the Terrible as part of his political reform in 1565. The symbol of the oprichnik service was a dog's head and a broom. They symbolized the determination to "gnaw out and sweep treason."
    I think it's a good idea. you can create a new master's model)
    but personally I do not expect you to Riga.

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    @Ao1-Pointblank I say you only can kick/ban VPN kids with master. If you think you can do this for an hour or two, fine. It is still a problem that can be solved on another level you would not have access to with master anyway.

    is the one guy I described earlier who caused trouble in the very beginning of Rigatoni (like in the first two weeks). His knowledge of the commands was so poor that he did not identify another admin as admin and started to try to kick this admin with his master role. He acted just so dumb and kept raging that he had to go.

    I have had good conversations with Kita-X. I also pointed her to this forum and told her to apply for master. She left after she got kicked from someone. I still do not know what happened exactly.
    The last words were this

    You talk always about fairness. It is not fair to assume I am responsible for every (g)auth holder and every player in the game and can or even want to control everything.

    I tried both times to solve the problems between the angry parties. But that requires that both or at least one of them move. And when no agreement can be made... well in case of mikey: a valuable admin who helps to keep the server alive weights more than a mikey that is not capable of using the #names command or apply common sense.

  • Ok fuck this guy. Save your white knighting for sluts that are going to actually blow you.

  • @Ao1-Pointblank All the more reason why you need to provide proof. Complaints and "crying" alone are not going to get you anywhere, except most likely a worse position.

    As for the other matters, the auths are only human, all the while a good heart is taken full advantage upon by some people.

    That, and one way or another, the offender in question is probably a tech genius, something that will be realized only when it's too late. We wouldn't know, because we can't see the other side of their computer screens.



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    @julia please, dont accept intentionally wrong translations of nicks if you are not sure what was meaning of it in your own language a few centuries earlier. Grozni=grand=grosse=great... Gore, grozd?

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