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  • Hi,
    There was an attempt in past to make a QA post with most common stuff players might ask on Pastaland (now Riga) , so I think its about time that gets done. I'll put stuff from the old one here so we can continue from Feel free to suggest questions and answers. @Masters

    A new Q&A (questions and answers) category for Pastaland is in the works. The aim is to have as many questions and answers in a single thread, making it easier for our players to find solutions to their problems.
    We would like you to contribute your questions and/or answers. The questions and answers will then be selected and placed in the new Q&A category.
    Please type your questions and/or answers on this thread. If you would like to contribute and answer then ‘quote’ the question you are answering.

    tldr: Making new FAQ, contribute your questions and/or answers.

  • Masters

    i miss @DipShitStar. how can we make him come back?

    Seriously the old post have some good QA like ping, ban, what is rugby etc.. All of those are great.
    We could add what is mix and how can i get involve. In order to encourage ppl join to the more competitive sauer side.
    What is discord and how can i get involve. To link them with the general community.
    what is effic binds and how can play with them. To make them try some else exept insta.

  • Insta-ctf is just too damn popular with a simple one-hit rifle/saw play, where the kill is guaranteed if the aim is correct.

    (Edit: Can't believe I didn't see this post yet...)



  • Masters

    Well... start it!
    Write it down, we post it again in another thread and pin it!

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