[Jokes] Removing Pasta jokes on Rigatoni

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    So the jokes from the pastaland age are getting quite old. There is virtually no input on new jokes.
    I frequently get requests to remove the jokes/tips completely.

    Some people argue it is just sexist unfunny shit, and yea indeed the lines are getting old.

    I am in that situation... on the one hand I think it is part of a pasta server, on the other hand I can understand that people getting sick of it especially that nobody is adding new jokes.

    So I added a command #nojokes some months ago people can use to disable those messages for their current session.

    What do you think? Shall we proceed and remove those old lines or should we keep them or add new ones?


  • Start adding funny quotes.
    Here's a great dump: https://imgur.com/a/irbD8

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    @Obstriegel , i still dont understend what is the problem with jokes about sex, and what is the point in term sexism. I found sex very amusing... Before and after i realized it can produce more suckers.

  • @Obstriegel then you must create Rigatoni 18+ :)

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    @tuta The concern is that the jokes are mostly anti-woman jokes.
    @julia The complaints come more from adults than kids.

    And no matter if you like the stuff which is there or not, there have been like 3 lines added in the past 2 or 3? years. I mean it is just old now and spams the screen.

    And because of this also when I add something important there nobody will notice it as the brain filters out this unnecessary messages already. So yea I think one should turn it off completely then maybe come back with new things but I have better things to do than writing silly lines for it.

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    not the jokes!!!!!

    if you want to remove things i suggest you remove facecap from the rotation instead

  • @negus I protest)

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    there are some really bad jokes there.

  • @bertolt_brecht you cant satisfy everyone. I am sure there are people who like dirty jokes and the ones who find them disturbing and excessive.

    So my idea is:
    apply tags to jokes (dirty, blondes, black, pasta, all, etc.) and let people choose which tags they wanna see

    If you need help with the tags, you can count on me.

  • Well, the original "Pastaland" was a server written by "Gustavo Lapasta", based on "spaghettimod". Just by the names you can tell it had its own somewhat particular character and I cannot imagine having a Pastaland server without jokes. The Jokes section was created on purpose to include new jokes suggested by the community, and it actually served well.
    Get rid of the jokes and you might as well rename Rigatoni into "Yet another sauer server".

  • @GustavoLapasta well said ... some people can not joke. they can only grumble and complain)

  • imo until you have something to replace it with, just keep it (and keep adding new/remove bad ones) and let people who complain know about the #nojokes option.
    Sometimes they can be funny, but I think I've seen pretty much all of them now and mostly ignore them automatically D:

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    @miu too complicated. there is no account system or something like that. Even the #nojokes command has to be typed each time you reconnect. So yea impossible right now.

    As I said in the beginning I also think that the jokes are something that defines the character of the server if something like that exists :)

    But besides the complaints I get it also frustrates me when for example because of a change I put in tons of explanation messages but nobody reads them. So yea I can tell nobody looks at this stuff anyway anymore.
    Which makes me pretty confident, that when I would remove stuff silently nobody would even notice.

    I already said I am not the guy who can write tons of new funny lines and if you are honest @GustavoLapasta I also found the website where you did "copy and pasta" most jokes from... so it is not even very original.

    If ten users would each write 5 lines we would already have a fresh arsenal that can make people smile but I fear this is never gonna happen.

  • When I play once a month I usually read them and it's often something I have already seen before. How many jokes in the database? it feels like ~ <30

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    @miu over 100 jokes
    and like 150 messages in total, there are also hints

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    Soon it will not matter anymore :sob:
    alt text

  • 17 people for 7,5 billion ...

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