Tournament next Sunday – eCTF 3v3 – September 30th

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    Hello Everybody,

    I decided to share this news to everyone who is possible interesting. There is a tournament this weekend.

    Why should i participate?

    That question was in my head long time ago. The main reason i was afraid was the existing pro players. Well the good news is a tournament it's not only for them.

    • You can make a mix team with friends and have a good time

    • By playing in more competitive you explore new modes and challenges

    • If more mix teams join more changes to play with players on your level and enjoy the game. It's ok if you lose from pros.

    • yolo

    Anyway this i all i wanted to share. Have fun.

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    I wanted to share my impressions for this team tournament as a referee. To me it was a fun and successful tournament. First of all i was happy to see a mix team which is awesome because they seem to be keen to get improved and have the fun of competition. Again more teams = more fun and more changes to play against players with your level and of course get better.

    Secondly i was happy to see Novi coming back. When i started sauer Novi was my favorite clan and i am excited see them playing again.

    Third think i liked it was the participation and the fun. Load of teams for sauer standards and even though i didn't have a chance to play it was fun watching it.

    It case you guys missed here is notas stream This guy doing good job and is fun to watch.

    Finally the final stages of this tournament was stressful and thrilled to watch. The majority of games had overtime and the score difference was by 1 flag and the final was between 2 amazing clans.

    Personally i can't wait for the next tournament. The next one probably will be duels where i want to go there and duel monsters and try to improve my skills.

    That was my thoughts about this.

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