Conspired against, and unfairly banned

  • @Cowboy is this topic closed? or do you have more sins? you have to think hard. my attitude towards you depends on it in the future....I do not respect the liars....

  • @julia I have stated my case, and the reasoning for my actions. I am not here simply to detail what I have done. I am here to explain the reasoning behind my actions, and to bring to light some of the flaws that I see behind the handling and politics of this game.

  • @Cowboy unfortunately you are not interesting for me

  • @julia And we successfully confirm my suspicion, between this, and the Bore-O-Meter thread that I am being "Conspired against, and unfairly banned". Nothing more than a pawn of amusement for the political, tyrannical, playing of 'god' that has been happening. I rest my case simply because I have at least pointed out the flaws that I have seen, and now first handedly experienced. While it would be in my best interest to just fold over, and cower as a response to this; I will not. I still stand strong pointing out the corruption that is infecting the great game of Sauerbraten. It is a shame and a disgrace. Absolutely disgraceful.

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    Cowboy i would suggest next time to give map and time of that ping incident happen. Then we can check if that master was extreme or not. There is a mechanism of auto spectating players with unstable ping but the master can do that too. That server has some rules, i understand that some ppl do not have good connection but 1) they can always make it stable but they don't care to find why 2) there players like me who want to enjoy the game without laggers. So for those and other reasons there is this rule to warn first and then spectate the player with unstable ping.

    Of course there are masters who are wrong and we should check on this but it is not on you to take justice in your hand and troll the master on the next game. Masters are there to ensure the game run smoothly without cheaters. If you troll them then its fair to ban you. I would do the same.

    There is no conspiracy here. You played with fire and got burn. As for the other incident we could investigate it more but only if that person abusing players on everyday base.

  • @bertolt_brecht Two football players from top league in my country drank a lot after the match this week. they beat several people who made a warning to them ... an ordinary cafe .... but some of the victims were high-level government officials. the whole country demands to punish them as much as possible according to the lawbook and prohibit playing football forever... but the guys do not understand that they did wrong. they had enjoy ...
    it wouldn’t have happened if the chairs were screwed to the floor .. they say.
    it wouldn’t have happened, the bad connection is to blame for everything ... they say

  • @miu когда Нагиев сглазил Кокорина.:)

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    @Cowboy Hi!

    First of all I would like to thank you for your long explanation.
    I don't think we have read each other before and None of the masters banned you, I banned you based on the evidence which was provided to me and I gathered myself.

    There are no gods here. We are all human beings making mistakes.
    Things can heat up in this game sometimes.
    I looked over what you chat about and it is mostly game related so there should be no reason to mute you.

    Long story short: When there are multiple people telling me you cause trouble and I see the trouble in the logs I ban you. Because it is in my best interest that people (master or not) have fun on the server and not get into trouble.

    This whole thing came to my attention when someone posted a log of you playing on another server where you said that you would cheat now and nobody cares and blah blah... I mean why would anyone do something like this? You explained some of your motivation for this here which I am thankful for but still it is something stupid to do and you do not even apologize for it.

    And besides that you do it also with a name from someone else (who is not a master or moderator nor an administrator) and steal their identity. This is what really bothers me and made me ban you.

    As you described already you wanted to "help" someone because he got put into spectator because he had a bad ping or something.
    julia already pointed out that this is common practice.

    The masters are advised to warn people but some simply ignore warnings.
    Actually the server does it automatically when it detects a too high time variation of received packets.
    This is done because it affects all the other players.
    It is not like we are playing chess via letters here where you say pawn c2 to c3 every week, it is a fast paced first person shooter which was designed with 1999 56k modems in mind and is already very forgiving for people with high latency connections.
    We do not look at high ping, we look at jumping "pj" values!
    In most of the cases people know they lag and they can fix it. You can have too many background applications downloading or uploading stuff, other people in your local network doing stuff for example.

    Now the way you chose was to assume that the masters here who are needed to enforce some basic rules and integrity of the game "play god" and treat you badly and therefore you have to turn into a dick and
    talk bullshit about cheating using a name of someone innocent and not involved in this (john-117)
    and attack masters verbally and by teamkilling.

    Then you wonder why you get banned.

    The correct way would have been to ask the masters why they do something and look to contact an administrator. For example I am an administrator, I run the server, a-monster is an administrator too.

    You talked about that bean ball foul play. Yeah, I don't know much about baseball but I know German football/soccer .. yea you can do bad things to some player but it is up to the referee if they see it and how they react to it. If they see it as something serious or not they decide what to do. Sauer is not much different here.
    Once again when you have a problem with the decisions of one particular master contact me or a-monster, another admin or master and we look into it.

    I am gonna add some case regarding myself here:
    I just got banned today from a server in another game....
    Because I got three yellow cards I am banned for one week it says. The server did that automatically because I ragequit an "accounted" game (which means it is balanced and statistics are recorded).
    Yesterday I completed a game there which took 64 minutes and it was painful. It has integrated voice chat and we had a bunch of noobs there, I told them what to do but we could just not finish the game.
    Nevertheless we won at the end.
    The other two times I got a yellow card were also because I quit "mid game" but it was like half my team was afk standing in base and I saw no point in playing then but the server does not see this.
    Also there are no admins I can contact about it. There is this website: Try to find someone to contact. No chance!

    But today it was so painful because we already almost won and then slowly losing control of the map again and it made me so upset I stopped being nice and started insulting one particular player I gave clear instructions before in a kind way.
    Not even the players or admins banned me, it was me, I knew this was gonna happen and I accept it.
    One week ban for actually ragequitting once in a public game.

    The big difference here is that I cannot direct my anger towards some people because I know that an algorithm made this choice to ban me. And you direct your anger against people who did not even ban you. You should direct it towards me if at anyone. And again all I see is people complaining about your behavior, then looking into logs and seeing you start to fake innocent peoples names doing shit.

  • @Obstriegel In light of your post Obstiegel, Julia, I want to apologize to you for several of my misguided lashes. They were uncalled for.

    I would also like to point out the discrepancy between your punishment and mine... your 1 week ban, and my lifetime ban.

    I do not disagree with what you said Obstiegel, there is not much I can say in my own defense at this point.

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    @Cowboy Lifetime ban hehehe. I removed it.
    Next time you feel someone is not treated fairly you know you can just drop a message here or tell me in the chat (this forum has also a chat function). Or contact a-monster or h8 or any other master.

    There is also this discord chat program...

    In any case I still do not know who of the masters caused the trouble for you in the first place as you have not told me. If you do not say the name to me, which you can do also in private I can't do anything about it.

    Happy fragging

  • @Cowboy I accept your apologies. I also want to apologize to all players if I am ever mistaken. I do not pay attention to the rare manifestations of emotional idiocy usually, if they do not begin to repeat every day. unfortunately, only punishment can stop it. Unfortunately, this requires several punishments in order for the player to stop acting as an egoist. I tried to give you the opportunity to sincerely confess to other sins that are much stronger. you have not found the strength to do it. it's ridiculous to talk about ethical issues within the game, which brings together players of different ages, levels of thinking and education. but I wish you understand where you made a mistake. no need to defend yourself. you need to draw conclusions. there is a maxim "Honest confession makes it easier to blame, but increases the term." I think this does not apply to the rules of the game .. :)

  • :bug: :seedling: :leaves: :snail:

    Am I the only who don't feel that he actually regrets of doing it?
    Yes, he apologized, but I don't feel like he wouldn't do it again.

  • @miu I accepted an apology for killing me. but I do not forgive and not forget his attempt to blacken the player of my clan and my clan as a whole. I can not influence it. this episode is just in my memory...I don't need his little fingers)

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    @miu The only apology here was for julia, he did not say anything about the shit talking he did, the whole "conspiracy" against him or about this innocent player.
    However, given all the insight in the reasoning behind our decisions he should be able to understand where he went too far.

    We talked already about extending the time masters can put people in jail or mute them. I will further extend those times so masters can handle it if that is necessary.

    @Cowboy Your "friend" appeared on 13th of October...

    Sat Oct 13 15:29:04 2018 | join: ShoelessJoe (10)
    Sat Oct 13 15:30:49 2018 | ShoelessJoe: my buddy mafia got banned from this game
    Sat Oct 13 15:31:41 2018 | ShoelessJoe: he asked me to come here, and ask you guys go to the website to hear his case. 
    Sat Oct 13 15:32:00 2018 | (&)Capunti: he has a lawyer?
    Sat Oct 13 15:32:06 2018 | tuta: are you gay lovers?
    Sat Oct 13 15:32:34 2018 | ShoelessJoe: no, just the only way for him to get unbanned is to have supporters 
    Sat Oct 13 15:32:40 2018 | tuta: lowyers?
    Sat Oct 13 15:32:53 2018 | (&)Capunti: he does not know why he is banned ?
    Sat Oct 13 15:33:09 2018 | Springbok: this server is not a demokracy. If he has issues, he need to post it on
    Sat Oct 13 15:33:55 2018 | (&)Capunti: pastaland secret police dont need to hear his reasons :D
    Sat Oct 13 15:34:25 2018 | ShoelessJoe: he did that. its not a democracy tho, and he feels pretty shitty that hes banned from the game, and has no chance of swaying one minded people
    Sat Oct 13 15:34:41 2018 | (&)Capunti: did he troll or act silly  ?
    Sat Oct 13 15:34:49 2018 | (&)Capunti: and is his name fragginfucker
    Sat Oct 13 15:34:52 2018 | ShoelessJoe: I believe so
    Sat Oct 13 15:35:06 2018 | (&)Capunti: then how are we 2 know how to help him
    Sat Oct 13 15:35:08 2018 | ShoelessJoe: no, mafia
    Sat Oct 13 15:35:26 2018 | (&)Capunti: 6feetdownunder
    Sat Oct 13 15:35:50 2018 | tuta: question is what is demokratia. By Aristotel it is when chosen persons work for their homes
    Sat Oct 13 15:44:48 2018 | tuta: can you play and listen to your wifes/girlfriends?
    Sat Oct 13 15:45:02 2018 | (&)Capunti: only if they are already in the freezer

    What does this have to do with democracy? Even in a democracy when you commit a crime you get punished. At least in the democracy I live in. It is not like every citizen is being asked if we should punish the murderer or not.

    Now that the ban is lifted you come back with your friends name on your IP? So now you steal his identity too?
    Or is he playing from your computer?

    Thu Oct 18 23:27:23 2018 | join: ShoelessJoe (15)

    Or was it just you using his connection that day before? Damn it looks like you have some issues there.

    Honestly I just wanted to get over this now but somehow it is also funny to see what silly shit you try to pull off to get around this situation instead of just saying "sorry, I trashed the name of someone innocent on multiple servers and harassed the masters because I could not accept that someone else got put into spectator for lagging".

    Here is another option for you: You can write an application on the Pastalounge section and people can democratically vote for you so you can join the corrupt master regime yourself!
    Then, only then you can bail people out and take part in the decision whether someone is disrupting the game or not in a meaningful way.


  • the guy has a split personality ... I'm starting to worry about him...

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    Haha i love this guy. @Obstriegel let the conspiracy continue. I am not sure but therethere was another player who also was talking about masters conspiracy

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