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    I borrow the title from Notas because it is cool. Well i decided to share the news with the rigatoni community about an another upcoming event. This time is FFA, yeah i know it's sounds complicated and scary BUT this time as notas says this tournament is design for beginners as the 10 BEST players are BANNED. Of course there are players who has played it more among the beginners one but this time hopefully will be more excited. Reasons to play? many

    1. Learn how to play a new mode
    2. Challenge
    3. Fun playing against players who are on similar level with you
    4. my favorite yolo

    I found FFA interesting because it has potential and strategy. You need to time a lot of things and follow different strategies based on the flow of the game. If you like the strategy and mind games go for it. Also ask help from pro players like Notas for some general advices.

    You can sigh up here : https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/6LLQTUbJ28 or ask Notas directly on discord.

    Personally i can't join this one because i am part of the 10 BEST PLAYERS :joy:. Of course not, i am a noob but i would participate if i wasn't in Italy :pizza: :spaghetti:. As a rigatoni player i have to go down to my roots.

    That's it guys. I am thinking to try to post those news here too for any major event happen from the general sauer community. See ya :)

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    Today i read a really good article about what happened for this tournament from Tophy. I will leave the link below to share it.

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