TOURNAMENT: November 11th – SauerDuels #22 – Effic 1v1

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    Hello Everybody,

    As i promised i will keep posting community related events for our favorite game. Yes it's sauerbraten cube 2. At least for me.
    This time we have effic duel event which i can't wait for it. As a always i am gonna list some reasons to participate which they always the same for me

    • Challenge. Sauer is heavily insta game which is a shame because effic it's a lot of fun too.

    • Action. Effic has crazy action.

    • Obtain new skills as an insta player i found it interesting when i first started playing it

    • Fun which is the most important.

    That is for this time guys, I hope you excited for this one as i am. Personally i am planning to give it a go this time. I will leave the sauerworld link below so you guys have more info. I have to mention here that we might have some tournament format changes this time.

    See ya :smiley:

  • Apparently, this time there will be an in depth coverage, as well as interviews and analyzing.
    Participants also have a chance to win a 20€ steam voucher. (Raffle)


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    Good point sweeper!

  • @bertolt_brecht
    Well, I am doing my best, but I am afraid that almost nobody reads this forum.
    Things like this should be promoted on the server by server messages or spammable keybinds.
    Or perhaps it would be possible to display a gui with some news in the middle of the screen after joining, that disappears after 5 seconds or so... @Obstriegel ?

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    @Sweeper I had advertisment already implemented on the server but since there were some problems with the software I had to roll back to a backup. Advertising and new jokes will roll out with the next server restart this evening/night.

  • @Obstriegel
    Sounds good. Thank you.

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    I don't know how this forum count the views but it has 86. Even 20 of thos are unique views then it's still ok. I will still keep posting related event news.

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    Hello everybody,

    I would like the share my thoughts and feelings about this tournament. First of all it turns out to be a huge success. I think the number of participants where 29 which is quite good compare to the recent effic events. This tournaments had a lot of things: good fights, new players,surprises and a lot of fun. Watching back Notas stream i liked that Hadis was the biggest surprise. Apparently he wasn't really planning to play but not only he did that but he made it to the final and win against Rexus which was the biggest surprise for me.

    Surprise not only because Rexus is an excellent effic player and everyone thought that he will make it to the final but because i watched the first minutes of their fight and it was clear that Rexus was gonna win. Too bad we missed that on stream but i will watch the demo. Next Surprise was Frosty who did a very good tournament. He won against Rexus (which i wish it was in the stream but i will watch demo)and Lokio and i think that was a big thing. Smaller surprises was doko who won pretty good matches. Next i want to mention Gameplay or Khornettoh or #freeJawer or as i prefer to call him smoka. In my opinion he did a very good tournament and i know he trained a lot for it and he deserve a bravo for me. Final i want to mention Zcrone too who also performed very well.

    The final was between Raffael and Hadis. Raffael was a big winner but i believe Hadis could have a better change if his second choice was better. I agree with Notas that Ot could be a better option but congrats to Raffael for winning this.

    Personally i enjoyed a lot. I didn't perform as i wanted and i wish i could move a bit further to the bracket list. Now i am waiting for the next event.

    Final i want to thank Frosty, Origin and the rest of the team who did an amazing work for this tournament. Special thanks to Notas and Acuerta who entertained us.

    As a final thing it could be nice if anyone watch the tourney or played to share his feeling about it. Personally i feel it was a very good tournament.

  • please, do not capitalize the H in hades
    and I still wonder who won the gift card

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    @bertolt_brecht maybe write on the sauerworld forum? you talk about people who are never in this forum.

    In general I think this is like this well documented phenomenon with patients where you know they are gonna die, in the last hours it can look like they are feeling better while in fact the brain is preparing to shutdown forever.

    Also when you cut off the head of a goose they keep running while the blood is splattering all over the yard.

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    @miu Good point, even though i know you know who got the gift card. The winner is frosty who is banned for winning the gift card on the next event which coming soon.

    @Obstriegel I will post it there too. Also i get your point and i agree with you but hey, it's free, it doesn't cost me anything to write stuff here too and try to connect this part of the community with the rest of it.

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