"BlackGuy" renamed for racist reasons by Tuta

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    @Cowboy "Тварь я дрожащая или право имею". Ф. Достоевский. 1866 г.

  • @julia Только потому, что мы не знаем, что правила не означают, что мы забыли разницу между правильным и неправильным.

  • @Cowboy First: who are you ?

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    @a-monster This is the player who took the name of the player of my clan and told that he was a cheater.

  • @a-monster Has it already crossed people's minds I may be BlackMan and started a second account on here as @SomeGuy and am just messing with the corruption I see in this game?

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    @Cowboy not.you did not forget. you understand this very well. but you consciously choose the way of opposition. Most of the players come with the goal of the game. but some characters come to arrange fuss and provocations. you can not calm down .. most of the energy and attention of the master is spent so that you do not interfere with others to play. go away.

  • @julia In not so many words, "Be silent. Go with the Sheep. Keep your head down. Let us alone deal with this issue, so that the person speaking out for his justice (BlackGuy) can be dealt with only by us, and he doesn't even get a fair chance."

    Yeah, that seams fair...

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    @Cowboy everything is much simpler. I do not respect you for your actions. I do not see you as a worthy interlocutor. excuse me. that's my right.

  • Furthermore, you babies are worried about this type of stuff instead of that which actually hurts the integrity of the game! About a week ago, I was playing with a guy who has a script written where his saw is showing at all times except when he shoots, then it switches to his rifle and back. When this skin is a pistol or something, I view it as cool. But when it is a saw it gives him an advantage because people think he is just running around with a saw and they play him differently. He deceives opponents, and it gives him an advantage. I argued and argued with him on the game, and no one backed me up so I dropped it. The “master” that was on at the time even agreed with my viewpoint, but didn’t say anything or take any action… Glad we are worried about the biggest issues in the game…. Names. It is a joke. A disgrace.

  • I don't respect you either @julia. And I do not trust you. You are the reason I keep jumping names. If I play with you I know I would be unfairly treated, so I switch names. Congrats to you on making the game inclusive.

  • Well well... I read the forum, and then I find this... I must admit, that it is all fairly amusing. The masters who can not find a clear line and sabotage each other as always. The troll who managed it to fool them.
    Yes. It is indeed pretty funny. Actually, I wanted to stay away from this game, because you people annoy me, but I am slighly bored, so let me help you out a little bit.

    Idealists simply want affection and validation. People who are interested in this, can read about the conditions that lead to the foundation of a narcissistic personality. Simplified, it is the attempt to gain love by actions. People with such issues did not receive enough closeness and affection in their childhood, especially their early childhood. However, people need that, because we are social beings. Now the child does not understand, that its parents or friends might be simply unable to give this affection and validation, for various reasons. Perhaps they work too much, perhaps drugs or mental disorders are involved. It is not that important. As a consequence, this child has the idea that it is not ok. There is no positive validation so it must do something wrong. It is not loved, because it makes mistakes. The logical consequence is, that it will be loved, if it does everything correctly. This leads to compensatory acts. The child desperately wants to prove that it is worthy and loveable. The only goal in the life of such a person is to gain validation, attention and affection. The tragic thing is, that this is not possible. Love can not be gained by actions. Either you are loved or not. But these people do not understand that. It is impossible for them to understand that, because it would endanger their whole existance. At least the existance, that they have created in the mind. The overestimation of the own abilities and the degradation of others are typical.
    Relationships are generally only a tool to gain this attention and validation. People that do not provide enough of this nutrition anymore, are simply thrown away. They like jobs that give them power over others, but also jobs that will give them a lot of praise. People always think about managers or policemen, but that it is only the side of power. There are other jobs that are just as great for somebody with a narcissistic personality. Political activists, social workers, ... These jobs have the side effect, that they allow to present yourself as some kind of saint or savoir, so they are very tempting for these people. It is also much easier to become a member of a NGO than to reach a high position in the economy. Oh and then of course, there is the option to become a troll in an online community. People give you attention, because they get annoyed.
    There is the feeling of power, because your behavoir causes certain actions. And if you are able to justify your actions by telling yourself, that it is all some kind of holy mission. If you start to believe, that you only do this in order to change everything for the better. Well, then you might even get some sort of validation. You can finally be the hero of your own little story.

    Well, now I have explained the mental state of our friend here.

    Let me give you an advice. Save your time and leave your agenda aside. Afterwards, seek for a good therapist. Surely, you will not listen to me, that belongs to your symptomatic. But maybe one day, when you have hit rock bottom. When you lost all friends, your job and perhaps even more. When you are completely alone, because you destroyed everything with your behavoir. Maybe then, you will remember me and consider it.

  • A convincing analysis. Thx Sweeper, nice to see you.

    I think we should close this thread.

  • Haha, Shoot Sweeper, you tried to get deep there... Could we also just assume that this is an extension of the game for me? Also must point out because of the earlier injustices I feel I experienced, I kept this extension of the game active for me because when I was going through it I wished someone would back up my side. So I stick around, and when I saw someone else going through similar injustices, I spoke up in their defense. Do not try to undermine someone who is sticking up and trying to add power to someone's voice.

  • people like tuta should not have master privileges. his judgment is weak, he isn't ready for this responsibility. people make mistakes, it's natural, but not everyone is able to admit it publicly. I don't feel like tuta feels that he was wrong.

    if you yet don't have a voting system to remove master from a particular person who can't handle it properly, then it's time to make it

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    @miu do you propose to create an ethics commission? well. but I will try to think whom will they choose as the next victim to harass.

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    I am feelin da negative vibrations in here!
    AAAAAAH walls are coming closer!

    ufff... feels better.

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    @Obstriegel You are using an outdated model)

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    @Obstriegel please don't generalise your opinion about serbians. Just because you met one bad one doesn't mean everyone is like that

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    @julia That looks superb!

    I was thinking about getting this model:

    @bertolt_brecht what what? what about you? where are you from? I am sure I hate something about you and your country and all of you too!
    cmmon tell me! Do you have a big nose? I bet you do just like your mother. Because she is a witch! Hahaha


    Edit: Oh I see you connect from the UK? Hahaha, did you know you will not be able to make a sandwich anymore when you exit the EU? You do not even make cheddar yourself. 82% come from ireland. 60% of the pork IMPORTED. Tomatoes: 4/5 IMPORTED. Lettuce, you produce 13500 tons but IMPORT 192500 tons!
    But you make Bread. Well you can still put your disgusting vinegar on it hahahah
    (source: https://www.politico.eu/article/brexit-will-kill-the-sandwich/

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    @Obstriegel hahaha you deserve the asshole role. You are trying hard!

    p.s I am from Greece. :flag_gr: But i live in a country which doesn't make cheddar.

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