"BlackGuy" renamed for racist reasons by Tuta

  • Haha, Shoot Sweeper, you tried to get deep there... Could we also just assume that this is an extension of the game for me? Also must point out because of the earlier injustices I feel I experienced, I kept this extension of the game active for me because when I was going through it I wished someone would back up my side. So I stick around, and when I saw someone else going through similar injustices, I spoke up in their defense. Do not try to undermine someone who is sticking up and trying to add power to someone's voice.

  • people like tuta should not have master privileges. his judgment is weak, he isn't ready for this responsibility. people make mistakes, it's natural, but not everyone is able to admit it publicly. I don't feel like tuta feels that he was wrong.

    if you yet don't have a voting system to remove master from a particular person who can't handle it properly, then it's time to make it

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    @miu do you propose to create an ethics commission? well. but I will try to think whom will they choose as the next victim to harass.

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    I am feelin da negative vibrations in here!
    AAAAAAH walls are coming closer!

    ufff... feels better.

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    @Obstriegel You are using an outdated model)

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    @Obstriegel please don't generalise your opinion about serbians. Just because you met one bad one doesn't mean everyone is like that

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    @julia That looks superb!

    I was thinking about getting this model:

    @bertolt_brecht what what? what about you? where are you from? I am sure I hate something about you and your country and all of you too!
    cmmon tell me! Do you have a big nose? I bet you do just like your mother. Because she is a witch! Hahaha


    Edit: Oh I see you connect from the UK? Hahaha, did you know you will not be able to make a sandwich anymore when you exit the EU? You do not even make cheddar yourself. 82% come from ireland. 60% of the pork IMPORTED. Tomatoes: 4/5 IMPORTED. Lettuce, you produce 13500 tons but IMPORT 192500 tons!
    But you make Bread. Well you can still put your disgusting vinegar on it hahahah
    (source: https://www.politico.eu/article/brexit-will-kill-the-sandwich/

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    @Obstriegel hahaha you deserve the asshole role. You are trying hard!

    p.s I am from Greece. :flag_gr: But i live in a country which doesn't make cheddar.

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    @Cowboy said in "BlackGuy" renamed for racist reasons by Tuta:

    Furthermore, you babies are worried about this type of stuff instead of that which actually hurts the integrity of the game! About a week ago, I was playing with a guy who has a script written where his saw is showing at all times except when he shoots, then it switches to his rifle and back. [...] Glad we are worried about the biggest issues in the game…. Names. [...]

    While you might not like it, it is part of the game. You are free to write a script for that yourself or I wirte it for you:
    /bind q [ow = $getweapon; setweapon RI; attack; onrelease [setweapon $ow]]
    You can replace q with MOUSE1 for example but here I used Q. Select chainsaw and by pressing the button you switch to rifle shoot and switch back. Seriously this is a widespread method used in other modes like effic to fire for example chaingun, then quickly just one rocket and switch back to chaingun. So stop whining please.

    You can carry out this even with a simple flip of the mousewheel. Do you want weapon switching banned completely? The game allows it. If you feel bad about it you have to tell that to the developer of the game and not some other players or server-operators.

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    Bring back the "Asshole" Reason for a 7 day Ban!!!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • Couple of things I still wanna say about this:

    1. To everyone saying I should just use another nickname... Really?
      You really need to learn the difference between "racial" and "racist". "Black" is a racial term, but in no way derrogative. It's just an objective physical characteristic. If I had used the name "BlondeGirl" no one would have cared. If I can be blonde, I can be black. If you say otherwise you have issues. (It would be a different matter if I was using chat eg. to portray a stereotype black man or whatever, but I wasn't even talking).

    2. To everyone asking if I'm actually black:
      Why does that even matter? It's the goddamn internet. If I wanna identify as a flying burrito, I can. No one's questioning if @Cowboy is actually a cowboy, or if @Galaxy is an actual star-system. Anyone can be anything. so why would make any difference at all if I'm actually black or not?

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    Miu is right. I dont feel i do anything wrong. I made 5-6 mistakes in past which i regret, feel bad and sorry. Not now. I feel like i do less than master should do in same situation. This person "someguy" we debate here is adult troublemaker in every way. I believe in that, nothing can change my mind, sorry. Accused person, me, I was not chosen for my quality to have master key. I was chosen for my quantity - Im aware of that, and i dont hide that fact. I played sauerbraten istactf day to day. Sorry i did not manage to do what was demanded from me.
    Suma sumarum: takin away master "privilege" from tuta is not end of the world, our friendship or having fun. It can prevent bad things in future. Decide, do it and have good time.

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    Oh, i almost forgot to add something aboutmentioned Serbs barbarians:

  • @tuta Hey tuta, keep cool. I have no idea why this "thing" is going that high. Really looks like a troll, ignore him. And, btw, i have never seen something wrong from your side. Greetings

  • @tuta could you ellaborate why you think you took the right actions?
    I'm just trying to understand your reasoning so we can all learn from it.
    What was wrong with my name, and how was "ArabGuy" better?

  • In @TUTA defense, I believe, while in the wrong, not so in the wrong to revoke his mastery privileges, he is just caught in the cross hairs of the frustration we have of a lack of accountability, while we get harsher penalties here as the sheep. We just want to see that we get fair and equal treatment.

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    the circus has already left. but the clowns remained

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    Why are still talking about this?

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    I must say bravo @tuta to act so calm. I would have just lifetime banned SomeGuy instantly for his nonsense blabbering now that I saw the chatlog. That is against our rules as he disturbs the game.

    Yea it is maybe not the best thing to not have all rules in public yet.

    But the rules are simple:

    • Apply common sense and try not to provoke people. You can disable the chat in the options completely.
    • Play the game, try not to teamkill (last time I got banned for TK is 7 years ago)

    Most of the sheeple, we call them Bratlinge now, have fun playing, they do not start fights over nonsense. They enjoy some good games.

    @SomeGuy @Cowboy
    I love when I can do some crossposting over multiple platforms with different reasons. You see here the masked lady represents the Overlords in the game. You are the Sheeple Bratling at 0:52 which has to be put into the line again.

    If you have your own flat or house you would know that there is something what we call "Hausrecht" in German.
    It means that the owner(s) can decide who gets in and who stays out. Same with a doorman at a club. You are not paying for the service that is provided to you nor do you organize anything or write a single line of code to keep the party going. There is no human right that allows you to play on this private server.

    Like in the video where the masked lady ultimately depends on the people she sits on this only works while people love to play in the places we create and administrate. Feel free to start a revolution.
    Players are our foundation. And unlike in the video nobody has to look at the ground all the time, everyone can become a super master Overlord and help to maintain a fair game.

    My personal goal is to make a maximum amount of people happy and keeping it somewhat challenging which is why we try and implement for example ranged rugby.

    I am always happy to see that so many people enjoy what we do and am so thankful for all the Overlord masters who spend their free time helping where they can without receiving one cent for it.

    Kind Regards,

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