"BlackGuy" renamed for racist reasons by Tuta

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    @Shag "crock" uhh I learned a new word today! Thank you!
    @a-monster and @julia I think now that we are at it we should try to crack the 100 posts mark. We are almost there! We have 86 now so only 14 more messages to go.

    Also please, I am trying to post some music here and there and tell some not directly relevant stories to keep the thread also interesting for other readers!

    For example I can tell you I had a strange dream today.
    I was dreaming that I wanted a cake of this form:
    But then there was a woman telling me that I should try the chinese variant of it where the dough would contain chinese cabbage (Chinakohl) in fine stripes.
    So while we were eating the cake I was asking myself why it would not fall apart.The cake is a lie!

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    Is this just a chat room?

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    @Morty Pretty much yes...
    It is a game after all so people should not take themselves too serious.

    Do you watch Rick and Morty btw? When do they release new episodes?

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    @Obstriegel I agree. No, I don’t watch that show. I found it annoying and brain numbing. Anyways, to answer your question... According to the internet, the new season 4 will be coming out sometime in late 2019.

  • @Obstriegel Expect at least another year and a half... probably longer.

  • So did this poor guy get un-banned, or is he still banished from playing a game?

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    @Cowboy I don't think the Overlords ever banned him. He got muted I believe but no further action was taken.

  • Thank you. It is hard sometimes to tell if these guys got the common 4 hour ban and want to cry about it instead of taking it on the chin and waiting it out; or if they got the lifetime ban that actually warrants communicating.

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