Why did I get kicked from Pastaland?

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    @tuta never....but I see the same question to Hunter on Rigatoni and Spirit of Pasta. i don't believe in coincidences..... it's much more interesting than the witch hunt

  • Ah, ok, i see.

  • Man, "Masters" need to learn to keep their cool... seems most the issues we have dealt with in the past month have been because "Masters" couldn't handle themselves professionally.

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    Masters are doing good job. Don't listen to trolls guys.

  • While some of the wording I use does instigate things, the statement is not false. From reading (which, granted doesn't give all the facts) it sounds like we have to change our playing style and always be aware of where the "Masters" are on the map... two accidental teamkills with bad timing and you get banned. That is not good.

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    @ZeddYager Hello you.

    I said it before somewhere the last time I got banned for TK is 8-10 years ago. It was on some PSL server. I think it was a 30-120 minute ban. So I had to sit, learned my lesson and then never got banned for TK again.

    @Cowboy You shall call them Overlords. You have been warned.

  • Haha, sorry; you did mention that ban I do remember. We have an automatic Team Kill ban for a reason though. Instead of letting the "Overlords" make judgement calls which can get biased because of their experience during game play, we increase the team kill ban time. I agree that there is no reason a normal player should have +5 team kills in a game. However, 2 team kills, especially around high action situations such as flag control is not unheard of.

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    Masters on this game are playing this game for years. They know if the "two" teamkills are on purpose or by accident. They know if players try to take advantage of that 5 kill limit. Oh btw i remember this:


    don't ask me why...

    p.s ppl dont listent to trolls

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