Jailing on Server Modification Suggestion

  • From what I have observed in game, Jailing to Spectator mode seems to be an indefinite sentencing until another Master releases you from said Jail.

    Personally, I feel that Jailing is a very valuable and resourceful tool to use, however may I suggest a couple of alterations? (Although I am not sure if said alterations are even possible)

    May we change the Jail to an automatic Jail sentence of say balance of game, plus 1 or 3 games? Or where the sentence ends once the Master that Instigated the Jailing leaves the game? I feel that these changes would allow Masters to more liberally use the Jailing function without kicking people from the game for 4 hours, or worrying about forgetting about the jailed person. Plus if the jailed person leaves, the Master doesn’t have to worry about that player coming back the next day and still being in jail over a past sentencing without any Masters online to relieve said Jailing.

    Just my two cents of proposed changes that may improve game play.

  • Masters

    Personally i understand the need to change the jail command a bit but also i am ok with the current state. I don't actually agree with the solutions because i think jail should be a powerful tool, otherwise the trolls and bad behave persons should exploit it and try to get around with it like the teamkill 5 kill limit. We should prevent trolls to have more power and then coming here and complain for something they are wrong.

  • Masters

    @Cowboy spectator jail is limited.

    -- set the default jailtime in hours here
    local jailtime = 4

    default is 4 hours just like a kick.

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