Also applying for Admin Auth on Rigatoni

  • Hi guys, my name is yoogrind, many of you might seen me already throwin it down in the rigatoni servers, winning matches with such precision and skill it makes my enemys blush. ive been playing this game since about 2009/2010 (my old name was senyone) and i really really love it. back in the days i used to have auth in multiple servers and did my fair bit of cleaning out cheaters, teamkillers and other racist scum that dont deserve to play this magnificent rare underground game. i know i swear alot myself and lots of times im even intoxicated and maybe rambling abit toomuch but to make this clear, i stand for responsability and i never abuse the auth for personal disputes! im 25 years old, from Berlin city, feel free to add me on steam (i only accept names i know). Please add my name to the list.

    with best regards

  • Not gonna Lie, one of the better asks that I have seen on here. haha

  • Masters

    Good luck man.

  • damn, it would be hard to top an application like that, good luck my dude

    The legendary Shaggy Rodgers.


  • Masters

    Please join our discord
    We want to get in contact with you.
    It is great that you show interest in joining but people do not know you so we need to communicate :)

    See you around and good luck!

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    I tried to add you on steam, but since there is zero activity I close this application. Bye.

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