happy New Year!

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    @julia i know about them, but ive never seen them in real life.

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    Is it already 2019 in Russia??!
    :D Happy New Year everyone!

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    @Morty ohh ... sorry. I was too quick. but I do not use the calculator and calendar)

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    @Morty i take question from Julia. This calendar is not the only one. This is calendar by Christ. Decembar in the same calendar, name is clear, was not last month in the year, it is 10. month. Slavic nations (ortodox churches) counts 7527 years, 7528 in 2 months. Point of counting is something big - flood at Black Sea and migration up Danube river i guess.

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    @tuta Yes. 7528 year from the Creation of the World in the Star Temple Earth Path (Wolf Path)
    you surprise me constantly

  • Happy new year, even zombies celebrate the new year !!

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    Happy new year to everyone, I hope you make a good transition to 2019.
    Thank you all for your continued support throughout this year.

    May the pasta be with you as well in the next year! :D

  • Happy new year to y'all. :beers:



  • Why did the snowman have a smile on his face? Because the snowblower was coming back down the street.

    Happy new year 2019 to all!

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