[Mod update request] Inactivity detection

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    currently the inactivity detection stores the players position every few seconds.
    Movement in between is not detected.

    So when you camp in one position, move around and come back to the same spot it is possible that the server puts you in spectator "due to inactivity".

    This should be solved. Ideas are welcome.

    A simple idea of mine is to store a timestamp whenever the position or orientation of the player is changed and check against this. There are special cases too like jumppads but I think we can ignore that.

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    Hello Obst,

    That explains why I get put in spectator on face-capture (for example), even if I am quickly going to the roof and back down.
    I have always wondered why the inactivity detection isn't reset by traveling such a big instance.


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    honestly a tricky subject. how often will check against that timestamp? will you have to make mutliple db calls?

  • @Obstriegel You could also only auto-spec players that are dead for X amount of seconds (meaning they aren't respawning).

    This would simplify the implementation for you and there would be no "incorrect" spec'ing.

    The chances someone is AFK for X amount of seconds while avoiding being fragged is pretty uncommon, and the effects on balance are pretty negligible, imo.

  • There are many players in the game who do not enter the game. they spend time in the vestibule in front of the portal. the balance is illusion only. they run actively. but there is no benefit from their presence

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    Good point frosty.

  • For Julia's point, 1. justified teamkill....
    but 2. Cant it just be a timer that gets reset with any key input? Such as a shot, or movement in any direction? maybe chat type input, etc?

  • @Cowboy I propose to reduce the time from recovery to the active game through the portal. what do you suggest? I know. everyone should stand and talk. players come into the game for talking...
    gentlemen ! I ask you to put the chair for Сowboy!

  • I agree with that point. No reason a player shouldn't be able to leave the spawn point in 30 seconds? even 15 seconds really... One hell of a long message to take 15 seconds.

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