Apply to master

  • @aupc Good job. 1,3 thousand views. now everyone knows your name) your next task is to become more active. Good luck in the game. do not be offended by us. it's all fair

  • Masters

    Being more active is more important than being a master :)

  • OK, thank you.
    Have nice day!

    P.S. @julia nothing will stop me to tell you privet every time i see you lolololol

  • these Italians are so hot :sunny:

  • @aupc you're the one who cant believe that some with 15 frags and 56% acc is not cheating and I'm the one who's close minded? Ok.
    Glad you're not joining masters, god forbid if we get another shag like you, 50% of the players will be kicked cuz "omg more than 50% acc = cheater".
    "For Skjo: an advise, in the world of big people when there is something that go wrong instead to go and shout to all world what you have, you can send a private message to who you have a problem and try to solve with politness."
    YOU are the one the called me a cheater on a PUBLIC server, ON PUBLIC CHAT, apply your rules to yourself first. Idiot.

  • @skjo this is also a public place. I repeat my thought: I'm watching your increase in aggressiveness. you have to think about it

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    yeah i also agree that you have become more aggressive. hope it's not something more serious which cause this.

  • aggressive @skjo? :laughing:
    anything but that!

  • Masters

    skjo... is as everyone knows a Shag hater...... Quite magnificent that he appears to be so fixated on hating me..... I would strongly urge everyone to help this Seal Basher to move along... these are not the droids he is looking for..... what a clown... and miu... keep taking the pills darlink....

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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