Teletubbie jokes

  • 1.) Why did a teletubbie cross a road?

    • So that it could cross it again.

    2.)Why did another teletubbie cross the road?

    • It wanted to get on the other side.
      (but was it a real teletubbie because on my mind there is no teletubbie that does anything just for once)

    3.) Third teletubbie got ran over by a car because of crossing road too many times.

    4.) Fourth teletubbie did not cross a road because there was no road to cross.

  • @raattateeaassema

    ...aand here some trivia:

    the first one is Tinky Winky
    the second is Dipsy
    the third was Laa-Laa
    and the fourth is Po

    and then lets hope that there is no more of those!

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