Apply to master^^

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    This post is deleted!

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    @Morty Well, you came to late then...

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    @Morty ask TayZ or enforcer

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    @Plata 130 Ping ....... A crime??? My Ping is around 240 ... would you kick me? Have you NO understanding of LAG?

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • I have played with plata quite a bit lately. He is a sound mind player. Trouble in Sauer Town actually needs more masters. There are a lot of players right now that either spoil the game from the side lines, guess and shoot the first thing they see, or both. Morty, you were definitely not playing the whole time plata was. Plata definitely deserves a master role in that server. We need good masters in that server. Plata would be a good addition.

  • is your ping less than 130? you are at risk then ... but thanks for the advice. I hope I remember my associations with the name FeldObst

  • I dont think the sticking point was the 130 ping.... it was the racist side of the people. There were a lot of really racist things being said with no good reason behind them..... Im not saying that we should mute people that are saying things we dont agree with, but plata's beginning statement was a joke about how no americans have ping under 130. the 130 wasnt his main point. his main point was the racist things they were saying.

  • @Cowboy You begin to follow the correct discipline. it makes me happy

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    @Cowboy Yes!! That was the thing i wanted to tell, sorry for my english Guys!

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